Shark hysteria hits the Hastings
  |  First Published: March 2016

First Denis Rivers hooked and landed a monster bull shark just before Christmas, and then Chris Micallef and his dad Anthony followed his performance with another whopping 11ft brute estimated at 250kg. I talked to Chris recently who gave me a rundown on how these enormous sharks fell.

“We set on the Hastings with eels in our esky and sharks on our brains. We had two TLD 50s loaded up with 24kg line. We were waiting for about two hours when the first rod went off but the shark bit us off about 3m past a 3m wire trace. Moments later the other rod went off but this time the shark wasn’t so lucky as I had 1000lb wire trace onto a 20/0 Mustad and 400lb wind on. Dad grabbed the rod and set the hook. This fish towed us around like child’s play. Eventually we managed to take it into the shallows and land it on a boat ramp. Most incredible thing I’ve seen. The shark fought hard and dirty for the whole two hours!”

There are quite a few in the system and as it’s currently breeding time, an encounter can be on the cards. Several anglers, myself included, have had fish chased and taken by smaller model ‘bullies’over the last few months.

Rock Hopping For MULLOWAY

David Henry and his family recently had a trip to Plomer Bay, where Dave decided he would try for a mulloway on his first day. He scored a 115cm fish on a plastic on the first day, followed by a second day effort that managed a 105cm fish on a Koolabung soft vibe – a cracking fish by any standard. It’s just a matter of putting in the effort and the rewards will follow.

For anglers that may try this style of fishing, make sure your gear is tough! In a lot of spots we use custom made 9ft rods to handle 50lb braid and 80lb leader as there are way too many ways to lose these special fish in the harsh terrain we fish. I’m sure lighter can handle the soapies and schoolies but when the fish of a lifetime comes along it pays to be prepared. A long gaff and a fishing mate come in handy for landing fish but also for safety reasons. Always stay safe on the rocks, if it looks dodgy don’t try anything, the fish can wait for the next trip and let’s face it – we want to be able to do that next trip, and a broken leg or worse will keep you away a lot longer than the weather.

Golden Lure completed for 32nd year

The Port Macquarie Game Fishing Club hosted the 32nd annual Golden Lure Game Fishing event, which resulted in many amazing stories. One of these involved a fight that went way into the night on a massive marlin onboard the vessel Rush Hour only to be lost in the wee hours of battle, bummer! The boys still finished a respectable fourth in the tag and release section though.

In the tag and release section 16 blues, 78 blacks and six stripes were bought to the tag pole. Here are a few results from the list of winners. For more details from this event look up Port Macquarie Game Fishing Club.


Results from the 32nd Golden Lure Game Fishing event

Champion boat first placeRarely In, N&PSGFC

Champion boat-capture (marlin over 150kg)Weapon, NGFC with a 161kg blue marlin.

Champion boat tag and release (blue marlin only)Lone Ranger, PMGFC

Champion male angler tag and releaseDave Wells, PMGFC
Champion female angler tag and releaseLisa Houlford, JBGFC
Champion small fry angler tag and releaseBlair Carroll, PMGFC
Champion junior angler tag and releaseConnor Brown, N&PSGFC

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