GES Round 1 overview
  |  First Published: February 2016

The first round of the Gamakatsu Elite Series sponsored by Samurai Rods has been run and won with the Elite Teams fighting it out for a massive payout of $1450 or first place. 

The mighty Gold Coast lived up to its reputation with 63 fish being weighed in for 30.65kg. The massive 100km stretch of waterway allowed the anglers to have their choice of different fishing structures, however, it was the shallow rock and weed flats that pulled the first place getters through! 

Day 1

On day 1 they decided to fish the southern bay area due to time considerations. Steve Eldred and Aaron Sharp spot hopped across six different locations, scoring fish at each of them.

“We decided on a hardbody approach and slow rolled Atomic Crank 38 in Ghost Gill Brown and the 45mm Atomic Shiner in silver wolf. We didn’t score the anticipated big bites and as a result we were sitting in 4th position with a bag of 2.23kg for 5/5,” they said.

Day 2

Their day 2 plan changed as they decided not to fish their normal run of bay spots due to a change in the weather and the fact that Mud Island hadn’t been producing lately.

“We revisited our day 1 spots and fished them more thoroughly. Again we opted to throw Atomic Crank 38s with the stand out colours being GGB and muddy prawn,” they said.

This proved to be the winning technique with Team Atomic Hardz bringing in a 10/10 bag for 5.73kg. Their combined weight of 7.96kg for 15/15 was enough for them to score their first win of the series. – AFT

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