Lefty Kreh’s loop knot
  |  First Published: January 2016

As promised in last month’s edition, this month we tie the Lefty Kreh loop knot, which is a very popular knot for connecting leaders to lures. Some say that the Lefty Kreh version of the non-slip loop knot is more slimline than the latest version of the Rapala Knot because, in Lefty’s version, the tag end doesn’t protrude as acutely so as to catch on obstacles. Actually, the tag from the Lefty’s knot points in the opposite direction. Others offer that Lefty’s version is simpler to tie than some of the other versions (it is one or two steps less than some). If you plan to fish snaggy waters, off the edges, into weed and structure, this knot is worth learning.

How to tie a Lefty Kreh Loop Knot

1Form an overhand knot in the leader. Then pass the tag end through the towing eye of the minnow lure.

2Next, pass the tag end through the loop formed by the overhand loop. Feed the working end into the overhand loop from the opposite side of the side that the tag end previously exited from the overhand loop.

3Keep the overhand loop open, wrap the tag end four to five times around the main-line\leader.

4Bend back towards the overhand knot.

5Snug the knot down after applying a little moisture.

6You’re now left with a very neat loop knot – note that the tag end angles back towards the hook\lure\fly and thus is less likely to snag on weeds.

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