Take advantage of low tides in January
  |  First Published: January 2016

January is a great family time with the as the weather encourages fun summer activities like fishing, adventuring, and just having fun out on the water. With a vast majority of people enjoying holidays over the Christmas and New Year break, the waterways will be a bit crowded. However, don’t let that put you off, as there are still some great tides in January that should fire up a few fish.

There will be building tides during the week from 4-10 January, as we get closer to the new moon. This means there will be progressive rise in the tide height differences. As the week progresses, the difference between high and low tide increases. This difference peaks when the full or new moon is upon us and afterwards the tidal difference decreases.

What does this mean for fishing? Well, the baitfish start to move around more as the tide difference rises as there will be more water getting up onto mud flats and into mangroves, a great place for baitfish to hide and feed away from larger predators. The upside for fishers is that the low tides are lower, which means that there isn’t as much structure to hide in. When there is limited structure in the water the predators tend to hang around it waiting for baitfish to cruise past. It will also concentrate schools of fish in the deeper holes where they can be found with a good fish finder.

The Burnett River

The Burnett is still fishing well, with decent grunter caught by most fishermen that put in the time to get fresh bait and search them out. There are still reports of the odd salmon caught and even the odd out of season barramundi showing up on live baits. Remember, if you do hook a barramundi while it’s out of season the rules are keep them in the water, unhook them and let them go. There will be some pelagic activity around the mouth for the early birds with lots of school mackerel moving in with a few Spanish spread through them. The floating pilchard is a great way to catch schoolies, as is high speed spinning with metal slices – my favourite for this job is a 30g Halco Twisty.

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