Long live the kings!
  |  First Published: January 2016

Sydney is in the midst of a kingfish frenzy at the moment with fish landed from landbased and boat platforms. Some real bruisers are sorting out fishos and fishing gear alike. With all the big fish on the prowl be sure your kit is up to scratch as these monsters will find any weak link in your equipment and smash it!

Hooking a big king from the land is always a challenge as you’re generally up against the fish and the platform you’re standing on. Anthony Amos nailed a cracker fish recently while floating live baits under the suds on a local ledge. At 17kg this fish smashed a live squid set under a float on a baitrunner 6500 outfit. An epic battle and a clean gaff shot ensured the fish would be landed. This is one of the great captures recorded this season by the boys on the stones.

Fish Outta Water Tackleworld staff member Phil Hanks has been chasing the kings and had a mad session landing five fish to 80cm on live yakkas. Live squid has been the key to getting among the king during past seasons, but times are a changing. This season the yakkas have been an absolute mainstay with plenty of anglers loading up on them and getting into the solid fish.

Vic and the Oceanhunter Sportsfishing team have been putting clients onto big fish all season. Peter Roberts went out fishing off South Head and landed a cracker 122cm fish on an 80lb kit. This fish was hooked in close to the rocks and was towed out into deeper water where the fight from hell took place. Once out of the danger zone the fish was eventually subdued and photographed. Since these guys have hit the scene, the Sydney kingfish tagging program has had a huge boost thanks to anglers recording captures.

Long Reef is holding its own with some good reports coming from the trailer boat brigade. Jethro Lyons caught a tank full of live slimies and live baited at the 18m mark. Not long after his bait hit the water he was hooked up to a 98cm king on his 60lb kit. Finding schools of bait on the sounder is the key to locating fish, so be sure to run from spot to spot as this will get you in the zone as these fish move around.

The Harbour is holding plenty of bait at the moment. Squidding is usually temperamental at this time of year so allow yourself a couple of hours to chase them up. Our squid do downsize a little during the warmer months, so be sure to have an assortment of jigs from 1.8-2.5 in a few colours. Don’t be shy with applying a bit of S factor or Egimax spray as this flavours the jig, masks any human odours and leaves a scented trail on each cast for a squid to swim up.

The flatties are out on the chew now so hitting the sand flats with your favourite plastics and blades should have you in the action. Late season trevally, salmon and bream will be on the lookout too and the drop-offs of most sand banks are spots where these fish hunt. Some terrific whiting are on the chew now and Narrabeen Lake has been a good venue for targeting these fish. King beach worms have been a reliable bait to use on these guys, and all areas of the lake have been working well, particularly up near the entrance. I’ve heard of a few more mulloway hooked in there too by blading the deeper holes.

Kayaking is going crazy at the moment as this type of watercraft allows easy access to plenty of spots not requiring a boat ramp to launch. If you don’t have time or the room for a boat, this is a great option to get fishing on the water.

From all the boys and myself here in store we hope you all have a very fishy new year and we’ll catch you in 2016!

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