Prawns bring on great fishing
  |  First Published: December 2015

The fishing is great; fish seem to be throughout the whole Snowy and Brodribb river estuary system and in big numbers, allowing most anglers to get a good feed of their favourite fish for their table.

Mentioning food for the table the local wild prawns are beginning to show up on the sand flats that run from the Marlo Jetty all the way down to Frenchs Narrows. With the warm weather and the water temperature on the rise the prawns are beginning to mature, and as they grow to maturity, they come out of the reeds and mangroves that surround the shallow lakes and backwaters and move down closer to the river entrance where they congregate in huge numbers on the sand flats, awaiting the right moon and tide for their run to sea.

A local angler that informed me the prawns were on the move also informed me of the big flathead lies with some over a meter long seemingly everywhere on the sand flats. With that much action on the sand flats it is an ideal time to do some lure fishing for the flathead using soft plastic and hardbody lures.

Anglers have suggested one of the best ways to catch flathead is by wading and spinning lures on the sand flats, allowing the angler to cover a vast area in a short time.

As I mentioned, the fishing is great and most probably the appearance of the prawns is the reason. Schools of bream can be found from the Marlo entrance all the way up the Snowy River to the highway bridge at Orbost, as well as all the way up the Brodribb River to lake Curlip giving land-based anglers plenty of access to some great fishing spots. Estuary perch have also moved up the rivers and can be found schooling on most snags and structures.

Anglers have also reported getting good size luderick with some over 45cm fishing the rock groins that surround the islands and along the river banks, and the best results have come using sandworm under a float.

Plenty of mullet can be found almost every where in the system, with the best bait being sandworm.

Salmon and tailor are giving anglers plenty of action either trolling or spinning metal lures down towards the entrance on a run-in tide.

The surf beaches are still producing plenty of salmon, tailor, flathead, mullet and an occasional shark.

Offshore is fishing well with plenty of flathead, gurnard, barracouta, squid, pinkie snapper and gummy shark.

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