Fisheries success with a hot cod season ahead!
  |  First Published: December 2015

Now that the water temp is up around 18-20°C, the southern part of Lake Eildon will really start to come into its own this month in the lead up to Christmas. Before the crowds arrive, the fishing promises to be amazing and I for one am very excited.

The water level isn’t dropping as fast as it was through October and November which should allow the fish to settle a little more and hopefully set some more consistency to their feeding patterns. Generally, the dam wall gets an absolute flogging, but the yellowbelly numbers have dwindled significantly since the release of the million Murray cod fingerlings. Although the goldens have not returned in large numbers as in the past, it's great news for the cod fishery and marks great success for the dedicated Fisheries team. Particular congratulations goes to Steve Vidler for the enormous amount of time and personal sacrifice he makes throughout the year keeping his stock healthy and ticking along. Well done Steve and all the lads at Snobs Creek Hatchery.

With the lake level at around 50%, and with an assurance that the water level will not go below 30 %, there is hope for a wet winter next year. On the other hand, the lake may drop right down which will make for good fishing but will impact on local businesses if tourism suffers as a result. The yellowbelly will now be schooling up nice and hard in big numbers, so when you come across one there are likely to be more. Keep chipping away in the same area and generally you will pick up another. Small spinnerbaits are always productive at this time of year, and I personally don't think colour makes a massive difference – if you get it in front of them they will eat it!

Let’s not forget, cod season is open my friends, so we can start to target these iconic fish once again. Bring it on I say! Another record season is on the way and we could see many fine fish over a meter long – hopefully one will be mine! I still haven't joined the meter club yet, but it can't be far away – surely. I would concentrate on fishing the points of the lake in December as they are generally winners at this time of the year. Trolling the tree edges will also get you results – the old trusty StumpJumper is a go to and consistently catches all species in Eildon.

Have a safe and Merry Xmas all catch you next year.

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