Anglapro Predator 16 centre console
  |  First Published: December 2015

If you are looking for an aluminium boat that would be ideal for both fishing in the estuaries and working those close inshore fishing grounds offshore, then the Anglapro Predator 16 centre console with a 4-stroke 100hp Mercury outboard would be definitely worth a look.

With its sleek lines and strong design the Predator will handle just about everything that is thrown at it when it comes to fishing in the estuaries and close offshore. It would be an ideal outfit for someone who would like to either baitfish in the estuaries or freshwater while either drifting or at anchor. You could also quite comfortably troll or cast lures in both salt and freshwater; and if you are into targeting snapper and other reef species offshore, the Predator 16 with the 4 stroke 100hp Mercury outboard would do the job.


The bottom and sides are built from 4mm aluminium with reversed chines pressed into in the rear two-thirds of the hull, while the underfloor section is engineered for strength with welded stringers and gussets in what Derek calls his X-core construction.

The floor in the Predator that was tested on the day was fully welded aluminium and was set at a height from the top of the wide gunnels to the floor that made it extremely comfortable while leaning up against the sides. With two adults leaning up against the side there was very little change from when at rest.

What I liked about the open design of the floor area was that there was plenty of room to walk around the centre console and not get in the way of the skipper. This extra room would be ideal when fighting a fish that takes you on a bit of a merry dance.

In the photos you will notice that there is a slightly raised floor area at the front. For me, this achieves three things: Firstly, you have that bit of extra height when pulling in the anchor to the open anchor well at the front. Secondly, you have a bit more height when casting lures and, thirdly, it gives you a lot more storage area for extra tackle and lifejackets. As I have always said, “You can’t have enough storage”. You will also see that there is a raised rail around the front of the boat that makes sure that you have something to lean against and to also secure your anchor rope to when a anchor.


The moderately flared bow runs back to a flatter sides, along with its optional 50mm spray rail at the front and its reversed chines that has been pressed into in the rear two-thirds of the hull does a great job of deflecting the water spray while travelling at speed.

Suggested power for the Anglapro Predator 16 is between 80-115hp. During the field testing, I found that the 100hp 4-stroke Mercury outboard gave it plenty of power to push the boat up out of the hole with ease, leaving some power to spare if needed and what I found was that a padded seat/storage box for the skipper to sit on would have been ideal. But may be because I’m getting a bit older.

Due to the fact that this outfit can be custom-designed to suit your needs, you may find that you would rather stand while driving, rather than sit. I prefer to do both, and sure, you would lose a bit of deck area, but you would gain so much storage.

In fairly flat conditions with two adults on board the outfit was able to achieve around 30 knots. This would be plenty to get you from spot to spot. When turning sharply I found that the there was no slip from the prop as the boat held its line. Both on smooth and rough water I found that the boat gave an extremely comfortable ride, even after coming off the top of a few wakes.

The 100L under floor fuel tank will give you exceptional range for the fuel-efficient 100hp 4-stoke Mercury outboard.


Anyone that knows me knows that I prefer to have a boat that I can fish out of rather than just cruise around in. The thing that impressed me about the Anglapro Predator 16 is that it could do both. As stated earlier there is plenty of deck area for you to comfortably walk around, high sides for you to lean up against when fishing, a raised casting platform at the front, an aluminium rail at the front and rear side where you could put a couple of swivel rod holders.

You will also see in the photos that there is a custom-made aluminium cleaning and cutting table that also comes with a couple of rod holders. What I would like to see is a small 20mm lip at the front and a couple of drain holes at the rear. This would allow you to have a cutting board that wouldn’t slide off and somewhere for the excess slime and water to run off.

Every fishing boat needs somewhere to store their catch, and what did impress me was the very large kill tank towards the back of the boat. The tank would allow you to put in a few big snapper, trevally, whiting, squid, tailor, salmon, trout or flathead. To keep them cool you would just have to add some saltwater and ice. At the end of the day it would be just a matter of taking out the drain plug and washing it out ready for next time.


At the rear of the boat you will find the upholstered quarter seats on each side have two sturdy legs for crew. So whether you are fishing at anchor, trolling or towing someone behind you will always have somewhere to rest those weary legs. The good thing about these seats is that they can be folded back down out of your way.

Twin bait tanks sit in each corner of the transom and over the back there’s a boarding platform with a ladder that will be handy for divers and swimmers.

Even though the centre console may look fairly basic there is an opened section that could be closed off and used for more storage of, say, your safety gear. This package comes complete with a Lowrance HDS 9, A Lowrance Link -5 radio, Speedo, RPM and fuel gauges. Plus you have navigational lights as well.

At the rear and below the cutting/cleaning board you will find a hinged hatch that houses the bilge pump and battery. There is plenty of extra room to put another battery if you need to put an electric motor on the front of the boat. The wide gunnels will allow you to put extra lighting underneath for that night time fishing.


As with all aluminium boats you can get a fair bit of noise transference through the hull, but what I found on the day was that was very little noise making the ride much quieter than I thought it would be. Not only does the 4mm bottom and side make the Predator very strong, it too also helps keep the noise down as you are travelling at speed and coming down off a wave, through the wake of another boat or the chop.

Having the carpet on the aluminium floor also helps to reduce the noise when you are fishing and all you need to do is hose it out after a day on the water.

I have a 4-stroke engine on my boat and sometimes I will find that I leave the motor running. This is because it is so quite! The 4-stroke 100hp Mercury outboard was so quite that I had to turn around to check a couple of times that it was still going.

So if you’re looking for an outfit that would allow you to fish both in the estuaries, offshore, freshwater, and even do a bit of float tubing or water skiing, then you should get yourself to your close Anglapro dealer and check these beauties out.


Overall boat length4.9m
Overall boat on trailer length(motor in locked position) 5.1m
Trailer width from outside of guard to outside2.2m   
WeightApproximately 1350kg
Max persons5
Max outboard115hp
Fuel Tank100L underfloor.
Steering system Hydraulic
Prop Size16”
Battery type and sizeCentury 720
TrailerDunbier SR5.0
Max Speed in Knots/Revs33kn 6000rpm
Reads: 1350

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