SeaAdex 5.5m Hard Top
  |  First Published: November 2015

I’ve seen unique, Brisbane built plate alloy boats around for a while now, but it took a calm day in mid-October to finally get on one in Moreton Bay. It was a great opportunity to catch up with the SeaAdex business – Adam Mortimer and Rex Willis to get a ground-up explanation about the company and the hulls.

Firstly, SeaAdex comes from ‘Ad’am and R’ex’ and the play on words hints that they’re ‘addicts’ to boating in and around Moreton Bay. Being a long term boilermaker, Adam conceptualised a soft riding, deep sided and pleasant experience for families – even if they’re caught in the inevitable Bay sea-breeze in the after lunch ride home.

“I knocked up a prototype pretty quickly and although it was pretty ugly, we got a naval architect to modify the shape and create more pleasing lines while retaining the core attributes of the boat,” Adam explained before we took the 5.5m Hard Top for a run on the bay.

“There isn’t a variable deadrise in this boat – it carries a 23° vee right to the front of the boat,” Adam continued.

This has a couple of implications. It makes the ride super soft. Even if the boat gets air over a wave and lands heavily, it’ll be cutting the water with a sloping part of the hull. This also makes the boat slower. With no flatter planing surface at the transom, speed is limited to maximise comfort. Any angler who has been battered in a flat bottomed boat knows that this is a happy compromise to make.

“The last thing any boat owning dad wants is to beat the family senseless if it gets rough. When that happens, you’ll find that they won’t want to come out next time,” Adam said. And it’s true. A comfortable ride makes for a happy family.

The other main hull performance feature is the wide, reverse chine sponsons that broaden the beam at rest and add incredible stability. These chines tend to grab a little air while the boat is on the plane to further soften the impact of water on the hull.

They also make the hull at waterline wider than at the top of the gunwales, which has no real practical issues except while docking at a pontoon where you’d need some fenders to minimise paint damage.

On the water, the hull delivers as promised. The supercharged Verado pops the boat onto the plane with ease and at a comfortable cruising speed of 4000RPM, uses 1.6-1.7L for each kilometre travelled. Spinning a 17” Enertia propeller, the RPM maxes out at 6100 and a comfortable 70km/h.

With that combination, I’d assume that you could load this boat with half a tonne of gear and the stats wouldn’t change too much. Likewise, get this rig into some nasty water and the low-end torque would be there to manhandle the boat through the slop.

Adam said that this was their experience on the day before the Fishing Monthly test, when they were prop testing with Mercury staff.

“In 20 knots of wind with 1-1.3m of breaking chop, the performance stats were actually a little better than on the calm test day,” Adam said. “We were getting 1.8km/L with three or four people onboard while cruising at around 50km/h. The speed also achieved 72km/h.”

We do know though that the Speed Over Ground can be affected by tides. Running with and running against it can explain the discrepancy.

Apart from the specialised bait station at the transom, this hull is really a blank canvas and Adam makes no bones about the fact that he will not only customise per buyer, but he’ll do it happily. Got your own ideas to make an ideal fishing boat? Discuss and implement. Easy.

The test rig was fitted with some luxuries, like an anchor winch, Garmin combo unit and a Mercury VesselView for all of your outboard data. As tested, you could drive it away for $76,000, however, BMT packages start from $67,000. Give Adam a call on 0435 453 455 or visit www.seaadex.com.au for more information.


LOA (boat only)5.8m
BMT Length (trim down)7.2m
Hull weight (finished with batteries and 80l fuel)1180kg
Max HP200
Max transom weight235kg
Rec HP150
Height on trailer3.2m
Draft at rest (leg up)0.5m
Draft at rest (leg down)0.8m

2C Survey ready.


RPMSPEED (km/h)FUEL (l/h)
Idle (600)4.61.5
WOT (6100)7075


Scan the QR Code to see this SeaAdex in action and hear a full interview with Adam and opinions from the author.

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