A perfect time to come and visit
  |  First Published: November 2015

Happy Days for those traveling to and from Stanage at the moment, with only a few potholes and a bit of corrugation left.

Most of the campers and caravans have done their stint up here in the camp area, which is a donation to the township, payable either at the tackle shop in the boatyard or at the local store, pub or servo. Some rules do apply, so please adhere to the signage, which include taking your rubbish with you, then everyone will be happy. 

The estuary has been very kind to those targeting the black jew and grunter. The barra haven’t been targeted by anyone in particular, so there’s only been a couple of reports of catches, although most smart anglers are a bit secretive these days.

For the Pacific Oasis crew over the long weekend a few weeks ago, the guys caught a mixture in the Thirsty Sound. One of the friends popped in to the shop the other night after hitting the offshore winds head on, and he said was rewarded well with his limit of grassy sweetlip. He did comment on finding the ‘kindergarden’, with lots of small fish landed as well.

Unfortunately the southeastern side of the islands were not fishable due to the rough seas. Next month, with a bit of luck, the right pheromones and weather happening, you will do well on this species.

Finally, the Thirsty Sound Coastguard, Stanage’s fundraising tide and info calendar has just been printed, so when you visit Stanage, be sure to bring at least $5 to purchase one.

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