Full-stream ahead for Snowy trout run
  |  First Published: November 2015

November is upon us and it will be a big month of trout fishing for the Snowy Mountains, starting off with a bang with the annual Snowy Mountains Trout Festival. Participants are likely to find improved conditions this year with the water temperature and levels in their favour.

The major annual Snowy River flushing release to Lake Jindabyne is now over and the lake is on the rise quite quickly. High lake levels have kept the edge fishing on the lake at its best with plenty of trout caught on bait, lure and fly.

The spawning run for the trout was excellent with the higher water levels in early spring on the Thredbo River. Gaden Trout Hatchery released some huge tagged rainbow trout into lake Jindabyne this year ranging between 2-3kg with the biggest, a whopping 4.7kg. Please let Fisheries know if you manage to catch any of these rainbows, if you want to release the trout at least take the number from the tag and report that.

Fly fishing

For the fly fishing enthusiasts, the rivers and streams are seeing plenty of white moths and tea tree beetles as well as a start to the hopper season. You can still use a small nymph dropper in the faster water and double your chances at catching a fish.

The fly fishing on the lake is still very good around the edges. If you’re careful not to spook the trout, fishing the small bays and inlets will get some results very early and late in the day. Woolley Buggers, Craig’s Night Time and Williamson’s Goldfish have been the flies well worth using at dawn and dusk. The shallow bays on the lake are worth a try early before the sun rises but after that you’re better off fishing deep.


The best method to get a trout at the moment, for lake boat trollers, is surface trolling lures at 2m deep while leading core lines at 3 colours or 30m.

Try trolling some minnow lures early in the morning off the lead core lines. Stumpjumpers have their 3.5” model out in some great colours now alongside Tassie Devils (Canberra Killer and the Willy’s Special with a brown bomber thrown in for good luck) and Rapalas. With an arsenal like this, you are sure to catch a few fish. Best areas to troll at the moment with the high lake level have been the East Jindabyne Islands, Hayshed and Hatchery Bay and up at Creel Bay.


Team your rig up with worms, artificial baits, or the underrated mealworm for good baitfishing. Put two hooks on the line and combine a worm and artificial bait to double your chances of a trout.

Mealworms are most effective fished like a bunch of maggots by placing them about a metre and a half under a float.

Best areas for bait fishing at the moment have been Waste Point area, the Claypits and East Jindabyne near Rushes Creek.

Lure Fishing

Lure spinning has been good early and late in the day and should continue that way for a while yet. The best fishing for trout happens in the shallows early and deep water later in the middle of the day. Trout love to chase minnow lures like floating Rapalas, Stumpjumpers and other minnow style lures. Try either natural rainbow trout and brown trout patterns or gold colours to represent the Jindabyne goldfish that the trout enjoy eating.

Don’t stay in one place too long and only put in a couple of casts in each area.

If you have been following Steve Williamson’s ‘Lake Jindabyne Trout Fishing Adventures’ on Facebook, you would have seen the new Bullet Lures that we have been trying out and the newer larger minnow have again proven to be very successful both in the lake and on the rivers.

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Best methods to catch a trout.

Best method:Bank based bait on the lake with artificial bait or scrub worms.
Best lake trolling lure:Tasmanian Devil green and gold Number 111 and Holographic.
Best lake area:Creel Bay and Waste Point area and Stinky Bay (The Haven).
Best fly method lake:Black weighted Woolly Bugger and Williamson’s Goldfish.
Best River Fly Fishing:Black bead head nymphs and a size 12 Tea Tree Beetle or white moth.
Best River Lures:Gillies feathertail spinner and Trout pattern Bullet Lures.
Best lake spinning lures:Trout Pattern Dorado and Rayza 40 Blades in gold.

Bob Bell with a 5lb brown caught on a Baltic Minnow spinning from the bank.

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