Yak attack for Port Mac
  |  First Published: November 2015

What a great time of year it is to be a kayaker, plenty of warm days and also so many fish to target and around Port Macquarie district we have an abundance of great systems that are worthy yakking destinations.

You can get on Google and check a few out, but for now I will let you in on three of the easier to get to ones, but for the others you will have to do your homework.

Lake Cathie is one of my favourites with very easy access and no shortage of fish in the warmer months. Launching your yak can be done at either the boat ramp just west of the town road bridge, or you can go in at the ‘perch hole’ in between Cathie and Port. November is a great time to chase whiting on surface and this spot is one of the best in the area. Stickbaits and poppers retrieved fairly fast and with consistent splashing of the lure will see you into these tasty fish. There is also a healthy population of bream and flatties to target as well so a full day on the lake can be very entertaining.

Wilson River, Telegraph point. This spot is just North of Port Mac and you need to turn off at the Tele Point Club to get to boat ramp if you’re heading north and hit the Wilson River Bridge you have gone too far. The ramp is under the bridge and is a great spot for launching a kayak. The Wilson is great for bass west of the bridge and you can easily fill in a morning throwing surface or diving lures. Once again the fishing here is structure orientated so getting lures into the snags is going to result in more fish. There are plenty of bream to be caught too leading into Christmas and if the cicada season happens to be good then this is the spot to be.

Queens Lake is another spot made for kayaking. You can get there via Ocean Drive as you head out past North Haven going south or come in off the highway when heading north. I like to launch at the sailing club as it can get you to a few areas quickly.

It is fairly shallow and is ideal for whiting and bream on surface. On the far shore from the sailing club there is vast weed beds and these will hold a lot of bream over the next few months, so try casting long over the top with stickbaits, poppers and other surface offerings as these will get you into the action.

If you like fishing plastics this is a spot where rigging weedless is virtually the only way to go with bream and some good flatties commonly taking plastics.

Back to our local waterway, the Hastings, and the fishing has been reasonable and should continue to improve with some nice whiting showing up as well as bream and flathead throughout the system. The only thing of note is the bridge area has been quiet and I think with the new bridge going in the vibrations emitted from the constant banging of pylons has scared them out of the area same up past the Maria. These bridges will be fantastic fish holding attractions once completed but for the time it may be quiet around them, maybe a night fish is the go.

Offshore, and while I haven’t seen any pictures lately from the anglers getting the good reds I do know a few boats have been getting some nice sized fish to 3kgs on plastics.

There’s been reports of some good pearly action off the Cathie and Dunbogan grounds and pillies were bringing them undone – definitely worth doing as they are a great table fish.

The flathead grounds off North Beach are giving up some nice sandies, so if you don’t get a feed of snapper from the bay area you can always try for these on your way back in as they go well on the plate.

The reports of kingies has been patchy but a few were taken around Trag Rock and according to reports a few that could not be stopped.

Rock and beach fishing has been okay and a few rock blackfish are still being caught with the rocks around Bonny Hills area producing. The go-to bait has been big peeled prawns. The anglers have also landed some very good bream using this bait. The trick is to keep it light, not so much the line but the weight of your lead, all you want is a pea sized ball sinker and a 1/0 or 2/0 hook and to let your bait waft down in the washes. Go too heavy and you will be in wirrah heaven, not so good.

The beaches this month will be worth a try for bream and whiting if you can find the right formations on Lighthouse or Cathie beach. Try looking for holes, gutters or even slightly deeper water near sand spits as these areas will be prime spots to throw a beachworm.

I think on my days off this month, and hopefully I get a couple, the yak will come out and I will try and do a bit more exploring on some of the great water we have here!

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