The reaction action
  |  First Published: November 2015

Water levels are still on the rise in Lake Glenbawn and Lake St Clair, which will only improve the fishing.

Water temperature is starting to rise and this month should be the start of the reaction bite period. To coincide with the reaction bite, Bassman have released a new spinnerbait called the Shorty, which was originally designed for small and large mouth bass in the USA with Carl Jocumsen. It is best described as a ‘finesse spinnerbait’.

It is made with a lighter camo wire, smaller willow and Colorado blades and a 2/0 Gamakatsu hook, which will enable the angler to slow down your retrieve and still the same vibration. Also the weight has been more evenly spread, allowing the Shorty to fall with a horizontal flutter. Shorty is also designed with two keepers, which gives the angler a few options if you would like to beef up your spinnerbait with an extra skirt, put on a rattle or you can slide on your favourite plastic. Shorty spinnerbaits come in 1/2oz with 12 colours.

Techniques I find work well are a slow retrieve and sometimes a pause every five or six winds. You could also try dragging your rod tip 1m or so and when you point the rod tip back at the lure, wind up the slack, which will make your spinnerbait dip, and this can trigger a strike. There are no right or wrong techniques, just what works for you.

Some of my favourite spots at Lake Glenbawn would be Yellow Buoy Bay, on both sides of The Narrows and also along the edge in front of the Goanna, just near the entrance to The Boot and the timber in and around the Eagles Nest. Make sure you beef up your line as the bass and yellowbelly will strike with venom at this time of year.

Don’t forget as both dams continue to rise the gap between the weed and the waters edge will fish well, try throwing a beetle spin or crank bait with a slow retrieve and pause. Bait fishing is also great at this time of year try around Cemetery Point in the trees in Boat Harbour and the timber on the left hand side of The Narrows.

At Lake St Clair, I would try opposite the boat ramp at the cattle yards, then head into the 8 knot zone around all the timber. If you have a kayak, try Gindigah Point, then head into Reddy Cove. There’s also some great water behind St Clair Island and the entrance of Connell Inlet.

Trolling or longlining is also good at this time of year. Longlining is casting out your lure and driving away for 50m or more, and then retrieving your lure as normal. A good lure for this is the Austackle Boomer or Big Boomer. Both come in about six colours and they were specifically designed for freshwater fishing. The Boomer’s and Big Boomer’s fat tail wobble is brutally appealing to native fish and non-native redfin.

Another great trolling lure is a Smak Golden Child. It dives to 18ft on 6kg mono or 20lb braid and tracks strong and true throughout its speed range. It has received excellent reviews for its presentation, strike conversion ratio and enticing wide action. It’s a true native specialist.

Now’s the time when the bass are becoming more active around the edges, so get out there and tangle with our great Aussie battlers!

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