Trouties getting hooked up at Hume
  |  First Published: October 2015

Footy is over for another year, and it’s time to brush the cobwebs off the fishing gear. Those who braved the freezing conditions on lake Hume this month were well rewarded. There were still a few unlucky fishers but most managed a feed of redfin at least, with some thumper 40cm reddies being trolled in 8-10m of water.

The trout fishing in lake Hume has been hit and miss, but if you’re lucky enough to hook up then it’s likely to be over 5lb. There was some truly monster trout caught last month, with some easily tipping the scales over the 10lb mark. Most fish are being trolled on flatline Tassie devils or larger style minnow lures, like the F9 Rapala in spotted dog colour. As far as areas go, anywhere from Kookaburra Point to Bethanga Bridge is worth a shot for a trout.

The yellowbelly in Hume have been in their winter slump but as the weather starts to warm up a bit they should come on the chew again. Usually late September and early October is when they begin to switch on and by late October the water temp should be nudging 20°, which will really fire them up.

The most productive method to target a springtime golden would be trolling larger bibbed lures like McGrath’s or Oar Gees. Casting or trolling Jackalls has also proven successful, just don’t snag them! Bait fishing with worms or small yabbies in around 20ft of water is also a proven tactic.

Lake Dartmouth has been fishing reasonably well for trout but be prepared to troll a little deeper, either by using a downrigger or a lead line set up. Most trout in Dartmouth have been caught in around 20ft of water but the fish will head for deeper water as the surface temperatures rise in the coming months. The odd trout will still be picked up flatlining, either early morning or late afternoon would be your best bet.

As for the rivers, I’m predicting both the Mitta Mitta and Kiewa will be running fairly high through October. The releases from lake Dartmouth have been very high for most of winter, as they try to replace the 50-60% of lake Hume’s capacity that gets used for irrigation each summer. This causes the Mitta Mitta River to be extremely high and dangerous at times. I would not recommend attempting to cross or wade the river. If trout fishing the river make sure you take a selection of heavy lures to account for the high flows. Lures like the Countdown Rapala or soft plastics rigged on heavy jigheads are proven performers.

There’s a good chance the Kiewa will be high as well. We have had a pretty wet winter and there’s an abundance of snow still on the hills. That should keep the Kiewa reasonably high until late October. It can make wading and crossing the river difficult, but high water usually leads to better trout fishing in my opinion.

Soft plastics like the Strike Tiger 3’’ curl-tail grub rigged on a 3/32 size jighead would be my ideal lure for October. Vibrax bladed spinners and Countdown Rapalas would be my next choice. The humble worm can also be deadly for this time of year, when the rivers are higher than normal, so be sure to dig up a few of these little critters before you leave.

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