Blue Rock open to all
  |  First Published: October 2015

Big news this month with the removal of boat length and horsepower restrictions at Blue Rock Lake in Gippsland!

Part of the Target One MillionPlan initiative of the current government - the removal of any restrictions is aimed at giving the wider Gippsland community more opportunity to fish the lake which had thousands of bass and trout stocked there over the past decade. To celebrate this occasion, fisheries, in association with other organisations and businesses, have donated prizes as part of a fishing competition. On the Wednesday of the announcement, 12 ex-brood stock Australian bass were tagged with the word ‘reward’ printed on the tags. Any angler that catches one of these tagged bass will win a prize, one of which is a $500.00 Always Angling voucher. 5000 brown trout were also stocked on the day as well. Since the removal of the restrictions, plenty of anglers have fished the lake trying their luck for some bass or trout. I’ve heard of some nice trout caught up to 45cm in length, mainly on the trawl with Tassie devils and 5cm to 7cm hard-bodied lures. The bass numbers have been down as usual over the winter, however the bait anglers fishing with worms early and late have been catching a few to a session.

The opening of trout season is only a few days away so I hope to have plenty of photos and reports for the November article. Feel free to send us your photos and reports at www.allwaysangling.com.au

For more information contact Will at Allways Angling in Traralgon on 51748544.

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