Yella season about to fire up
  |  First Published: October 2015

October means the best fishing on Lake Eildon bar none. The next 8-12 weeks are going to be crazy with the schooling up of the golden perch the most fun you can have on this big lake.

With scattered reports right throughout winter of yellas being caught was very unusual and more common than ever before, this leads me to believe this season could be one of those special ones where things just align up perfectly and we will see massive numbers being caught and released. I’m just a little excited as I’m sure you are as well.

There have still been good reports of nice sized brown trout being taken in the Big River Arm trolling Rapala X-Raps and Tassie Devils, with the clown pattern a definite standout.

It’s been a very weird year on the cod as I have touched on in the past few reports, and the best way to put it is it’s been consistently inconsistent. The bite windows have been short and sharp and at very random times of the day and having spoken to people who caught fish on the same day, the bite windows were at the same time no matter where they were fishing on the lake. Now that Cod season is closed and the weather is turning for the better and we will see sharp rises in the water temperature, hopefully there will be some consistent pattern for the yellowbelly and once we hit December 1, the cod will find some consistency.


Now the trout season in the rivers is in full swing and there have been releases around the 500mega litre mark, things are looking good and the results aren’t bad either. There’s been a good number of browns to 3lb in the Goulburn and the Rubicon, as well as lots of smaller rainbows in the faster water playing the game. These little guys go really well in the old smoker, but let’s remember to be steadfast on the bag limits particularly on the Acheron and the Rubicon, which has copped an absolute pounding over the last 4years.


The ponds once again at this time of year have been sensational for obvious reasons and the size and number of fish getting caught has been fabulous to say the least. With our good friends at fisheries putting in some nice sized brood stock 200 strong, I think it’s going to yield some potential, with a couple of nice browns around 6lb being taken on Powerbait in the pink colour and a few also on dough and Tassie Devils in the rainbow trout pattern. The Wonder Wobbler in silver has also been doing the job for some anglers too.

So enjoy the fishing while it’s going off until they start dropping the water for irrigation and things slow up a fair bit.

The Eildon Big Fish Challenge is into its 3rd year and going to be a belter of a comp again, so make sure you’re up to date on the details and bring along with the whole family, you won’t be disappointed!

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