Dry days don’t rule out great fishing
  |  First Published: October 2015

September has seen the barramundi turn up and the blue salmon continue to tempt everyone out the front. While we have not had a good year for barramundi so far in the gulf due to hardly any rain, it was a welcome feeling to be able to target and catch them without too much effort.

They will be around in October but remember you can only catch them up until midday on 7 October. There is a non-catch period up until 1 February at midday.

I was using lures and targeting drains on the run-out tide and the new Prawn Star was working well. A good sounder will help you find which drains hold fish without trying them all to find the fish.

The blue salmon and occasional king salmon have been out the front along the mangroves going north and the place to look will be the colour change. Just place a bait in the dirty water side for the best result. Most baits will work but a livey is the answer if you want to catch a king salmon.

Mud crabs have been around but not in good numbers yet, but we are hoping this changes with the warmer weather. Due to them not being plentiful, I would suggest that you spread your pots out, just remember where you place them as they can trap and kill crabs if left for some time without being checked.

Our Carpentaria Shire Council has now provided a swimming pool and Water Park at both Normanton and Karumba for the public and the response from both tourists and locals has been awesome. These facilities allow you to go out fishing then come back for a swim to cool off while your kids can be entertained by the waterpark.

Sweers Island has been awesome this year with most people not believing the amount and quality of fish they catch while there. There is always a supply of sweetlip to be rounded up and the trout and nannygai have been biting in good numbers. Tex Battle owns Sweers Island Resort, and is also known as the Internet guru so you can ask him anything if you get out there. They supply everything you need to catch and fillet your fish on the Island so give them a ring on (07) 4748 5544 to set up your trip.

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