Morningstar 460 Bay Rover With 40hp Yamaha
  |  First Published: October 2015

Morningstars are somewhat unique plate alloy boats, being manufactured in a Korean automobile factory. There are actually significant benefits to employing this technology, including some very innovative metal forming and rolling, the likes of which I’ve never seen in plate alloy rigs. This is particularly evident around areas such as the decks and underwater surfaces.

The decks are sleekly rolled from the gunwales down over sides, while the bottom is formed from a single plate formed under immense pressure. The end result is a neat reversed outer chine and no keel whatsoever.

Construction of this style, plus a really great paint job, gives the Morningstar 460 Bay Rover the appearance (at first glance) of being a glass rather than plate alloy craft. A closer inspection reveals plenty of neat robotic welds throughout, while a high standard of overall finish completes the picture of a boat that would fish a family. It could easily tow behind the family’s sedan or wagon as well.


The reviewed Morningstar 460 Bay Rover was provided by Stefan Boating World of Coomera. Complete with a 40hp Yamaha two-stroke outboard, this well set up rig came stock standard with quite a few features that the average angler would appreciate.

Starting up front, the Morningstar’s interior features included a step under the centre hinged, rail-equipped windscreen to allow easy anchor well access without leaning forward.

Top shelf forward seating saw deeply padded bucket-style seats offering slide as well as swivel capability, complete with bolster front sections and sprung pedestals to deliver the best ride at all times. You could either stand against the uplifted bolster section or choose to remain seated to drive; the visibility is fine either way. Rear seating consisted of a drop-down padded bench at the transom.

The Morning Star’s dash area provided ample room for a sounder/GPS to be fitted atop the area set aside for the steering wheel and instruments. Aft of the seating, a carpeted cockpit floor provided room to fish, and there was the addition of a substantial fish box to stow the catch or tucker for the day. I noted reasonably long but fairly narrow side pockets along each of the rail-equipped sides. At the transom area, a bait station came set up with paired rod holders to complement the paired holders in the aft sides. A plumbed live well was installed to port, while very large boarding platforms were set up on each side of the 40 Yamaha.


I saw the rig as an easy going outfit entirely suited to an absolute beginner to boating in that it drove without vice. The mechanical steering was very light, and the craft very sure footed. Admittedly, the three-cylinder 40 Yamaha two-stroke was a fair step away from top power of 90hp, yet the rig ran so capably, with myself and David Robinson of Stefan Boating World aboard, I’d see it also being suitable for family-style boating with mum, dad, and a couple of youngsters.

A top speed of almost 47km/h was recorded at 5000rpm, while 4000rpm saw a very frugal and sensible cruising speed of 34.5km/h. It was good to see just how easily the Yamaha 40 lifted the rig onto the plane, powered out of sharp turns, and cruised easily without excessive noise or vibration.

The Bay Rover’s generous cockpit area had enough room for an ice box, which would free up the drained under-floor compartment for the catch. I found the craft, with its 19 vee hull, to ride pretty well, not inclined to pound or bash when heading over wash in the Coomera River. And, thanks to the well-formed reversed chines on the bottom, the rig was just as stable underway as was at rest.

This is a quite roomy five-person craft with a length of 4.65m, beam of 2m and depth amidships of 700mm. With a fuel capacity of 60L it would suit family boaters and more dedicated anglers equally well.

With a 40hp Yamaha two-stroke and Brooker braked trailer, the Bay Rover comes home for $25,999. With a 60hp Yamaha four-stroke the price would be $29,999. For more info shoot an email to --e-mail address hidden-- visit www.stefanboatingworld.com.au or call (07) 5665 8400.



Capacity5 persons
Max hp90hp
Packages from$25,999

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