Calamari blooms in spring
  |  First Published: September 2015

It has been a really testing month for the average Victorian fisho as the weather just will not let up and give us any sort of consistency to put a few hours in.

Having said that though, there is a handful of keen anglers that have found a way to brave the elements and a few nice fish have come in, and there is also a little bit of light at the end of tunnel as we draw closer and closer to warmer weather and we all know what happens from there!


I have already mentioned the horrible weather, but for land-based fishos it is these conditions where they rub their hands together and head on down to the beach.

Lang Lang has been the pick of the land-based locations with some really nice gummies poking about in the shallows. High tide is an absolute must and the cover of darkness is also the other key ingredient to finding a gummy in these waters. I know it is tough when it’s 3ºC outside but at least the rewards are there. The most unique thing about Lang Lang is the angler’s bait of choice. Fresh banana prawns from the supermarket are a favourite of the Lang Lang locals and, although it wouldn’t be my first choice in bait, it’s hard to argue with the results!

A few of the top end piers have been producing some nice calamari too. It can be a little bit patchy, so work around the tide changes and flick around nothing smaller than a size 3.0 jig and more often than not you can at least take home a couple of hoods for a feed.

Warneet and Hastings have been the most consistent and are well worth a look.


The top end, once again, has been the most consistent part of the port with the odd snapper still kicking around. The most consistent species however has been the big calamari. There has been a noticeable increase in size and they get more and more consistent every day.

There are still some big snapper getting around and, although they have eased off just a little bit, the rewards are still there for those dedicated to working for them. Peter Vink was fishing ‘spot-X’ somewhere in the top end of the port and boated really healthy snapper that tipped the scales at 6.5kg. Great signs as we get closer to the season.

Bouchier Channel has been producing some really nice table sized snapper. Local angler Evan Spingle spent a couple of hours in the cold and managed three nice fish all in the 2kg size bracket. It is cold and bites will be hard to detect, so look at some softer baits like pilchards or tenderised squid strips and strike early on the bites.

If there is one species that has really started to fire, it’s the big calamari. There have been some monstrous squid caught already and it’s a fishery that will continue to improve as we approach spring. There is no real ‘mark’ to catch these squid, just locate some decent weed beds and, best case scenario, weed beds broken up by some nice sand patches and it’s in these areas that the big squid will start to move in to lay their eggs.

Jovica Simic had a great little session up on the Quail Bank. Jovica set up a nice little drift pattern and, although he had to work to find them, they came on quite well once he did. Jovica fell just short of his bag of 10 but the ones he did get were in the upper echelon of the size bracket. On this particular day, red foil jigs in size 3.0 did all of the damage.

The Tyabb Bank has also fired up on the calamari front. Pat Ellaby enjoyed the spoils of a tough session recently. Pat reported that though it was a tough session once he found that nice little patch he landed three big squid in quick succession with the hoods measuring 43cm in length.

Tyler Methers once again showed his old man, Gaven, how it’s done with a bag of lovely calamari off the bank. The biggest model was almost as long as young Tyler and the smile on his face was absolutely priceless! Well done Tyler, and Gav – time to lift your game mate! The boys went with the ‘big jigs – big squid’ theory and it definitely paid off for them.

It won’t be long now until the warmth of the sun finally hits the skin and as we inch closer to snapper season I’m sure the majority of the fishers out there are thinking about getting the boats ready for another crazy season.

Keep those reports coming and good luck!

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