Times of triumphant trout trolling
  |  First Published: September 2015

Now that spring has arrived it should be a cracking season, so let’s hope that the powers don't let another 20,000 mega litres out, as it looks like a dry spring on the way.

The trout fishing of late has been fantastic with good numbers of fish from all over the bottom of the lake. One of the hottest spots has been virtually in the middle of the Main Arm and flat lining Tassie Devils in the ‘clown’ pattern and the new ‘pinky prominent’ seems to be the go this month.

Other spots to produce quality fish was the ever popular Big River Arm with reports of a couple of nice browns of 6-8lb one on StumpJumpers and traffic light Tassie Devils.

Goughs Bay has also been going along nicely with solid numbers of trout but smaller models around the 2lb mark, which are a very nice table fish size, especially in the smoker.

The Goulburn arm doesn’t see as much traffic as the Big River, but is still a very good option if you want to go and get away from the crowds. There’s been some promising reports recently from this area, not huge fish but a few nice 4lb and plenty of fish in the 1.5lb margin, once again flat lining pink Tassie Devils.

There have been some nice cod on the chew again of late with reports still coming in on short bite windows, but when they are on its gangbusters for an hour or so. Recently Gerry Morsman got a nice winter Murray cod in great condition. Also, one local punter picked up 6 cod in an hour and a half ranging between 58-89cm and all within 100m of each other. Then, all of a sudden, nothing for the rest of the day.

There’s still a couple of yellas about. They’re not setting the world on fire but towards the end of the month and into October, it should go nuts. It tends to fire a little bit later than the top end of the lake as it is more likely to be cooler in the deeper reaches of the southern end of the lake.

If you are trolling and pick up a yella, it’s well worth throwing a couple of lures in the same location where you trolled the fish up, because you never know exactly when they start to school up. So change it up throw a small spinnerbait, soft plastic, lipless crank, and if it’s not too snaggy you may just dong a heap in a short period.

If you have a substantial live well it’s best to put a few in, my reason for suggesting this is if you put the fish back sometimes you can shut down the entire school. Afterwards. Of course, you can put them back to fight another day after you have had your fun.

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