The ‘Pin is flathead paradise
  |  First Published: September 2015

September is the best time of year to focus your attention on catching flathead at Jumpinpin. The Pin is one of the best flathead spots along the coast and during this breeding season it will get even better.

Females will usually have 4-5 males hanging around them at any time so if you manage to catch one then it’s likely there will be more around in the same area. Using soft plastics and trolling hardhodied lures around the edges of weed beds and drop offs should get you a lizard or two.

Big flatties love a live bait too and mullet, gar, herring and pike all work really well so if you aren’t into using lures then livies are definitely the go. Other baits for lizards to try are pillies, white bait, banana prawns and yabbies and try to present the bait as naturally as possible, as you won’t usually pick up fish if the bait is spinning or hanging awkwardly off your hook.

The pick spots to try for big flatties this month are the deep water of the bottom of Swan Bay where they can be caught over a metre, the top of Crusoe Island, near Tipplers Island, the bottom of Kangaroo Island, the Stockyards, the mouth of Cobby Passage, Fishermans Channel and around the flats near the Powerlines.

Bream are a staple throughout the ‘Pin and will always be available right throughout the year. You will notice the quality of fish drop off a bit and the larger fish will be harder to catch as their season comes to an end. There will still be plenty on offer though this month and you’ll find prawns, squid, yabbies, worms and pilchard chunks are the best baits for quality Bream.

Try all the usual hot spots like the Short Bank, the Pig Styes, Fishermans Channel, the Powerlines and Cobby Passage.

Whiting should start up in better numbers this month as the water temperature increases. They have been really active over the cooler part of the year so the whiting fishing is only going to get better. Try beachworms, bloodworms and yabbies around Tipplers Island, the Never Fail islands, off Couran Cove, the Gold Bank, the mouth of Cobby Passage and Alberton Sands in the Logan River.

We are still waiting for Tailor to turn up at the ‘Pin. There have been good reports of them down south along Main Beach and Narrowneck, which usually means that their next stop will be Jumpinpin, but as yet they have not started to fire.

When they do the best spot for the bigger greenbacks will be the surf off South Straddie in the gutters and at the northeast tip where the waves have made a deep channel and the water is like a washing machine. They will come through the Bar and schools can be seen by birds working the schools of baitfish that they are both chasing. Mimic the size of the baitfish with a metal slug or plastic and you can have one of the best fishing sessions ever.

Fish to 2kg can be caught in as far as the Powerlines, so wherever you are fishing it always pays to stick a pilly out the back just in case.

Mulloway have been taking plastics and livies in the deep water off Swan Bay. The trick is to get your bait down there as the current runs very hard through that area, so try to time being there when the tide turns and the current is at its slowest. Other spots to try are Cobby Passage, Flatrock, the Stockyards, Marks and Pitts Rocks in the Logan.

Crabs should start to fire up again with the increase in water temperature so don’t forget your pots. I have heard the best results are coming from the deeper holes of the channels instead of up close in the mangroves.

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