Summer species move upstream
  |  First Published: September 2015

Its’ hard to believe September is here already! Soon enough the weather will start to warm up and the fishing will begin to really fire up, especially the sweet water jacks and barra!

Throwing surface will be a sure way to get the adrenalin pumping. Find the bigger landlocked holes and you will have endless amounts of rod bending action. When using topwater lures a good way to go about things is to keep the presentation moving with a nice consistent pattern. In some cases the fish will slowly follow it, waiting for the perfect time to attack.

Moving it systematically will allow the fish to predict its movement, therefore smashing it as it moves or on the pause. Other times, as long as it lands in the strike zone they will hit it on the drop, especially in the smaller holes were its a competition to get to the food. 

The sooty grunter have been providing some insane sessions lately. Such a tough native species that really test your land-based angling skills. They can be found in the jungle waters fighting for your offering from the same snag as the jungle perch or targeted further inland in the many systems to choose from in the north.

I love using spinnerbaits when sooty fishing, and attaching a soft plastic to the stinger gives you the ultimate presentation. The flash and tail movement works like a dinner bell, bringing them out from the snags to have a crack! Don’t be afraid to use a big plastics, as these fish will have a go at just about anything! 

Recently my father flew up from South Australia for a visit. Soon after I met him at the Townsville airport we were on our way to one of my favourite systems to hunt down a few jungle perch! Dad enjoys hunting, gold prospecting and fishing, so I knew he would love everything about this style of fishing.

It took about 30 minutes and dad was on to a solid JP! We had a great day catching plenty of quality fish. We were both throwing around ZMan 4’’ StreakZ Curly TailZ rigged on the new SnakelockZ system from TT lures. These took out best terminal tackle in the AFTA. They are a real game changer in the field, allowing you to quickly change weights with the hinlockZ hooks making it the ultimate snag less presentation!

Jungle perch are such an amazing species, they are hard-fighting and a real challenge to catch and the terrain you find them in is breath taking, I love them! 

It really is a magical part of the country up here in the tropical north, there is always plenty of angling opportunities available for the keen fishos. Do your research and find those places that are untouched and you will have some of the best land-based sessions imaginable!

Google maps is a great way to come up with a game plan. It’s all about getting out there and exploring the amazing country and catching a few fish in the process! Remember to stay safe out there everyone.

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