Tailor and trevally terror
  |  First Published: August 2015

With the year flying by, fishing hasn’t been all the best, although some mornings and afternoons have been producing some quality fish. With bream on the bottom, tailor smashing the surface and trevally congregating around heavy structure, you’ll be sure to find some excitement this month!

Tailor have been firing throughout the canal systems pushing deeper in the estuaries to find the bait. Solid fish have been caught in The Broadwater and canal mouths in deep water. It’s simple; find the bait and find the fish.

Another thing to remember is don’t leave fish to find fish, which is easy to do when they are busting up in the area. Large tailor tend to sit with the smaller fish in large schools, so persist with the small fish to find the larger models.

A few local anglers say there are some decent flathead around, ranging from 50-70cm. Throughout Jacobs Well around mangrove lined banks, as well as many more canals with rock and retaining walls.

Trolling seems to be the best option with the Micro Mullet being the pick of trolling lures, as well as casting plastics around drop offs. Z-man 5” Scented Jerk ShadZ in nuked pilchard glow and coconut ice glow have been some of my favourite colours. A tip for the anglers who fish weed beds is to try the TT Lures SnakelockZ Jighead in order to make an angler more confident to cast into heavy structured areas. Pilchards, prawns, white bait and live mullet are fishing well for the bait brigade.

Most large river systems including Nerang, Coomera, Coombabah and Logan have been fishing quite well, and whiting are one species that has been in good numbers with bloodworms being the best bait.

Council Chambers in the Nerang River is one spot to hit up for some fun, and without doubt most drop offs throughout the river fishing just as well. Don’t be surprised when flicking around lures for flathead in deep holes to come across mulloway and bream, which aren’t afraid to scoff down a well-presented lure!

The trevally have been a hit and miss species through the recent and current cooler months, which is surprising with so much bait flooding the estuaries. Most fish are holding along retaining walls, so try fishing deep into the canals rather than around the mouth. Fire your lures at the bank and work them the whole way back to the vessel. In saying that, land-based isn’t a bad option either as you will cover plenty of ground casting along the banks. Walk-the-dog surface lures and hardbodies are something a trevally just can’t resist!

With some recent cold months and water temperatures down, weather will start to warm up from this month on. With warmer water fishing will get better; flathead, trevally, whiting and bream will all be in greater numbers, not to mention a few mulloway still hanging around!

In conclusion, August is probably one of my favourite months for the ‘all round’ with most estuarine species on the bite. Remember to keep your bait or lure in the strike zone and you will be sure to see some hot reels this month!

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