How to tie an Aussie plait
  |  First Published: August 2015

The basic technique of this knot is braiding, as in braiding hair. It is quite small in profile and can be very useful when using relatively large diameter line and small guides. It allows the angler to wind the double knot and double line through the rod guides and onto the reel.


To get started, I like to have the rod in the rod holder with the rod tip in the air, the reel set on strike drag, and I have the mainline tight to the rod tip in order to keep tension on the line.

Step 1.

Loop the main line back on itself and allow a very long tag end; each side of the double loop is a strand thereby providing two of the required three strands for braiding. The long tag end provides the third necessary strand. Pass the tag end around over then under and behind the mainline so that the tag end goes from left to right when it goes behind the mainline.

Step 2.

Then get the sequence going by wrapping the outside right-hand strand, which in this first instance is the tag end, from the right over the top of the centre strand to bring this outside strand into the middle of the three stands. Once the new middle strand is in place, pull upwards on it, sort of back along the mainline towards the rod tip in order to tighten the knot.

Step 3.

Next, bring the left-hand outside strand, from the left, over the top of the 'new' central strand and thus the former left side strand of the braiding now ends up into the middle. As each new centre strand is placed in position, continue with the technique of pulling each new central leg 'up' in order to tighten the knot's internal crossovers.

Step 4.

Continue to braid for the required length of the knot (see factbox for guide).

Step 5.

After you’ve achieved the required length, ensure the tag length strand has found its way into the centre; then fold the tag length in half (double it over) in order to form a loop (this loop is called a bight). Keep the sequence the same – including the bight – ‘outside-in’ for another two complete sets of outside wraps.

Step 6.

Braid the tag length loop/bight into the plait knot.

Step 7.

Thread the full length of the double loop through the tag bight.

Step 8.

Lubricate the knot (with saliva from your mouth) and pull the free end tight. Trim the exposed tag end and now you are done.


Knot length to breaking strain chart:

• Line up to 6kg breaking strain = 5cm knot

• 8kg & 10kg = 7cm knot

• 15kg line = 15cm knot

• 24kg and higher = 20cm knot

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