Get your dose of tropical tranquillity
  |  First Published: July 2015

It’s had to believe we are half way through the year already! The tropical north has been providing plenty of exciting land-based sessions for the anglers willing to explore new country and put the hard yards in to reach those special places that rarely see human activity.

I like to call these places the honey holes! Often it will take a little research on Google Maps and a bit of a game plan. Not only is it a real thrill to explore new ground, but it can offer some of the most insane fishing sessions!

The rainforests always fishes well but this is a great time of the year to head into the jungle. The cooler weather makes for a more computable trek.

A good mate and myself recently had a great day catching plenty of tight country sooty grunter. The best thing about this style of fishing is watching these brutes race out from the snag and smash your lure right before your very eyes! And that’s just the start, even though the majority of them are around the 25cm mark, they will do everything they can to win the round! Often using the flowing water to swim past you to the next pool, whilst aiming for any timber for the bust off. It requires quick thinking and some fancy footwork to land the little fellas. I find that using an 8lb fluorocarbon leader is perfect for this style of fishing. It will last all day brushing against the rocks and keep you hooked onto the fish long enough for you to pull them from the snag. 

The elusive jungle perch is on the bucket list for most keen lure fishos in this country. I feel very lucky to have this unique tropical species nice and close to home. I love my offshore fishing, but when the wind is blowing a little too hard it doesn’t bother me at all, because I know I’m in for an awesome day’s fishing.

I do a lot of fishing in some crazy skinny water streams in search of the bigger model JPs. The best way to target these fish is to make sure they can’t hear or see you coming. This is what makes hunting these fish so addictive. You are testing not only your fineness fishing skills, but also your stalking ability. You may walk 1km to a prime honey whole, step on the wrong twig and you can shut down the pool.

It’s so rewarding when it all comes together. The bigger fish in the strike zones are often the last to the lure because the smaller ones are quicker. JPs feed on a reaction, so that well-placed lure is very important. 

The sweet water jacks have started to become harder to catch due to the cooler changes in weather. They are still there, just not as aggressive. Little paddle-tail plastics and grubs will be the go. Try to get that territorial aggression bite from them.

I was sight-casting a small group of 5 not long ago, sitting hard up in the snag. It was on the 12th cast when one of them finally decided to have a crack. These fish are awesome fun to catch in the crystal clear shallow water. Not only do the pull hard from word go, but they also just look amazing! 

Remember to stay safe out there, everyone! Hope you get a chance to wet a line. Fish hard and fish on! 

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