Snapper, blackfish feed the need
  |  First Published: July 2007

With the onset of Winter keen fishos look for alternatives and fishing locations to fill their needs.

One of the most attractive options is at our doorstep. Lake Macquarie now has some of the best estuary snapper fishing available on the east coast. Supporting evidence comes from many customers who relate exciting stories and show pictures of captures of these sought-after fish.

There are many locations to find these fish but the key is to fish with light gear. Line of 4kg to 6kg will do the trick but be prepared to lift the anchor and chase an unexpected jewfish that decides to take your bait. Yes, the jewfish stories are still coming in.

Some of the wrecks in the lake, as well as the areas is Belmont Bay and the shallow waters off Green Point are the best snapper locations. Look for 3m to 5m water depth. For GPS locations of these reefs call me on 02 4945 2152 or email me.


Keen fishos who just can’t keep away from any form of fishing excitement should try their hand at fishing for luderick.

I haven’t mentioned them too much over the previous few months but everyone should realise that these strong-fighting, good-eating fish have been getting caught in good numbers throughout Swansea Channel, parts of the lake and the ocean rocks from Redhead south the Catherine Hill Bay.

I’m sure most of you are aware of how to rig up for these fish, but the most important thing is try to keep your gear as light as possible because any resistance felt by the fish will result in them shying away from the hooks.


Tailor have been thickening in numbers and in size with some reports indicating an average size up to 2kg. Some fishos have become frustrated by schools of fish becoming flighty and normal trolling methods failing to provide consistent results.

Others are simply drifting in areas on the western side of the lake and casting 25g to 40g metals, allowing them to sink and retrieving fast. This method has payed off more often than not but still nothing beats the fun of having your hands wrenched as the trolled lure gets taken by a solid tailor.

The best rig is a 24kg (50lb) handline with two or three heavy swivels linked to a slightly heavier leader. Some of the more notable lures to try are the RMG Scorpion 20+ and the River 2 Sea range of deep-diving lures. Green and silver seem to be the dominant colours.


There seem to be some existing issues with the policing of fish bag limits. In recent weeks there have been incidents where recreational fishers have been exceeding their bag limits.

I have received numerous accounts of people taking excess tailor from Swansea bridge at night and of undersize kingfish taken from Catherine Hill Bay rock platform.

These reports have come from reliable sources and Fisheries officers have been notified.

The unfortunate response is that they are understaffed and concentrating their efforts on policing the power station hot water outlets. These locations have a fishing closure from 6pm to 6am.

Although this is an excellent initiative from Fisheries, you would think than rather install a multi-million-dollar marine park, the money would be better spent on employing more officers to police bag limits and protect the fish stocks we have.

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