Getting crabby at Stanage
  |  First Published: May 2015

Over the past month we have seen Stanage produce some of the biggest muddies and fingermark that is has for a very long time.

Long Island is renowned for its monster muddies and barramundi at this time of year and isn’t disappointing.We sell and recommend good quality pro pots for those looking to crabbing, and when it comes to the bait to put in them fresh is definitely the best.

With the weather beginning to cool the type of fish that you’re likely to catch in the estuaries, around the islands and on the reefs will vary immensely.As this change takes hold be prepared to make changes in your tackle selection, particularly in your rigs and where you fish. Grunter, bream and cod are still popular with anglers fishing from the shore at Porters Creek or up the creeks. The reef and islands have been kind to anglers with some fishermen catching their limits. A big thankyou to Dan for the beautiful grass sweetlip that he gave me, it was very much appreciated.

The sharks are still happy being lazy and feasting on the hooked red emperor, coral trout, nannygai and grassy sweetlip. Some fishermen have been so disappointed with the huge number of sharks taking their catches that they have pulled up their lines and simply come back to port.

The road into Stanage Bay has not improved for the better, and is still littered with pot holes and corrugation, particularly the run up to The Grids. So be careful, don’t be in a hurry, and simply, take your time. A hint for all travellers coming to Stanage is to be thoughtful and don’t Litter. The Easter break saw the cattle properties beside the Stanage Road scattered with all types of rubbish. Please pick it up rubbish and stow it, don’t throw it.

If you more information on Stange Bay please phone Von on (07) 49373145 or email stanagebaymarine @bigpond.com .

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