Monduran’s big barra are coming out to play!
  |  First Published: May 2015

Typically April and May are cracking months to catch Monduran barra, the water temperature cools by a few degrees and the barra get active. Last month’s results are testimony to this fact, anglers’ reports, and my own first-hand experiences, have seen fish of around 90cm to that magic metre mark being caught, with a few good bust-ups in between.

The water temperatures over the next couple of months will fluctuate between tops around 26-28ºC and bottoms of 22-23ºC. With winter on the approach, the barra will feed more aggressively. They do this to build up much needed fat stores to last them through colder months. They will also haunt the shallows for a longer time period through the day. This makes it more comfortable for anglers as we can spend more time doing what we love most without putting up with the heat.

Lures that have been working well are the Jackall Squirrel, Jackall Smash Minnow in the pink-eye suji, and boney colours, Maria MJ Twitch jerk bait and Lucky Craft pointers. Soft plastics that have also worked well are the Zerek 5” flat shad and Squidgee Slik Rig 110. It’s also a good idea to have a range of surface lures at hand for early morning sunrise and late evening opportunities.

Equally important is line class. I encourage anglers that visit us, to use nothing less than 30-40lb mainline braid and nothing less than 60-80lb leader. This conclusion comes from having fished this dam constantly, over the last decade. The barra are getting bigger, more feisty and when hooked we don’t always have the luxury of fighting those fish in open country. More often than not, this is on the contrary. There is nothing worse than losing fish to bust-ups because your line is too light. Having heavier line will not deter barra from striking your lure, but will only increase your chances of boating that fish.

Cyclone Marcia Scrapes by!

It seems there has been some speculation on whether we have or haven’t lost barra over the spillway in the wake of Cyclone Marcia. I’m relieved to say that few barramundi have passed over the wall at Monduran, if any at all. Traditionally when the dam spills, the carnage down below is clearly visable.

The lake’s height rose a couple of metres from 90% during the rain event and then stopped rising at about 6-8” over the spillway. Even though there where fish sitting in front of the water flow, there was barely enough height, to allow them to leave.

In conclusion, there are still plenty of barra, only growing bigger in Monduran.

For first-hand information please contact us at Lake Monduran Holiday Park on 1800 228 754 or 07 4157 3881. Or find us on Facebook Lake Monduran Guidelines Fishing Charters.

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