Suzuki lightweight and high performance four cylinder DF200A
  |  First Published: May 2015

In late 2014, Suzuki unveiled its latest lightweight and fuel-efficient model – the new four cylinder DF200A. The new DF200A delivers the kind of impressive performance one would expect only from a V6 engine – but from just four cylinders, which means it is the lightest in its class. In addition to this the new DF200A benefits from a whole host of high specification features, which deliver real customer benefits, including:

• Direct air intake and Variable Valve Timing for higher thermal efficiency and exceptional performance.

• 2,867 cm³ “Big Block” displacement and a higher compression ratio for impressive acceleration and low end torque.

• Lean Burn Control Technology for improved fuel economy.

• Knock, O² and water detection sensors and systems to monitor and control internal engine operating parameters and improve reliability.

Importantly, the new DF200A weighs in at just 225kg, over 12% less than Suzuki’s current V6 DF200 model.


Just one look at the newly designed cowling of the DF200A indicates that this outboard is something special. However, the shape of the cowling represents more than just contemporary styling. Its design and the special baffling underneath work together to provide a semi-direct air intake system that provides cooler air directly to the engine’s long track tuned intake manifold. The engine breathes even more efficiently thanks to Suzuki’s proven Variable Valve Timing system and twin intake and exhaust valves for each cylinder.

By allowing the engine to breathe cooler air, both acceleration and top end speed are improved. In fact, Suzuki factory testing reports a 1.5% improvement in top end speed and an impressive 12% improvement in 0 to 30 mph acceleration when compared to competitive models.

Another contributing factor to these improved performance numbers is the 10.3:1 compression ratio. By increasing compression of the fuel/air mixture by 9.7%, Suzuki engineers have dramatically improved the power output from its impressive 2,867 cm³ displacement DOHC powerhead.


When it comes to speed and performance, boaters must balance power and weight. Until now, many boaters have had to deal with the weight of a V6 engine in order to achieve the level of performance they desired. Now, with the introduction of Suzuki’s new DF200A, there’s a real alternative to Suzuki’s V6.

With the DF200A weighing just 225kg, boaters can choose a lighter, inline four cylinder engine without sacrificing power or performance. For those boaters in the market for a new boat and motor, or considering repowering from heavier V6 four stroke outboards (or even older two strokes), the new DF200A provides an attractive choice in terms of size, weight and fuel economy, not to mention cost of purchase.


The addition of Knock and O² sensors helps keep the engine running smoothly. The Knock sensor ‘listens’ to combustion, providing information to the ECM to precisely manage engine timing. The O² sensor monitors engine operating conditions and provides input to the ECM to manage the fuel/air mixture for maximum efficiency and optimum performance.

In addition, the DF200A features a water detection sensor to warn of moisture in the fuel system, a common concern given today’s use of ethanol-blended fuel.


With the introduction of its Lean Burn Control Technology, Suzuki’s engineers have made fuel-efficient four stroke outboards even more economical. By taking full advantage of the computer control afforded by the 32-bit onboard ECM, and through the use of engine sensors monitoring everything from engine timing to ambient temperature, the system is able to provide the precise amount of fuel needed throughout the rpm range.

By utilising Lean Burn Control Technology, the DF200A enjoys a significant improvement in fuel economy over Suzuki’s V6 200 horsepower outboard. In fact, Suzuki Factory Testing indicates a 32.6% improvement at top cruising speeds (5000rpm).


In addition to the DF200A, Suzuki is also introducing the DF200AP, which benefits from even more technology. The DF200AP will be the first 200HP outboard on the market available with Suzuki Precision Control drive-by-wire controls and Suzuki Selective Rotation. With Suzuki Selective Rotation, dealers can set up engines in either standard or counter rotation, thanks to specially-designed gearing in the lower unit and the engine’s electronic shift controls.

Ryan Lloyd, General Manager for The Haines Group, said, “Once again the engineers have delivered a ground-breaking new outboard motor. It delivers outstanding power and has a very satisfying engine note. We are confident that this new model will be hugely popular right across Australia and New Zealand and it will cement Suzuki’s reputation for producing outstanding large horsepower outboards.”


Fishing Monthly caught up with Ty Hawkins from Suzuki at a recent catalogue shoot on the Gold Coast and took the DF220A for a spin on a neat Tournament centre console. You can listen to the interview and see the test footage by scanning the QR code hereby.


Scan the QR code to watch the interview with Ty Hawkins outlining the features of the DF200 Suzuki.

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