Royal visit to Inverloch
  |  First Published: April 2015

We are now in what many boaters and land-based anglers believe to be the best time of the year.

Anderson Inlet has been very popular and from the entrance and way up to the Double Islands there has been a very good variety of fish being caught in pleasing numbers.

I received a call from James Rackins who says that he and his crew regularly make the trek from Morwell and have GPS marks that rarely fail. James said that they tried near the entrance and managed a few flathead and eventually got onto a nice patch of whiting that were all around the 37cm mark. They had another few moves that were productive up as far as Mahers Landing but only managed a sprinkling of salmon and mullet and by this time they had enough fish to keep them going for quite a while.

The area known as the ‘Bathing Boxes’ has been going well where land-based anglers have been catching very good size whiting, silvers, flathead and mullet. There have also been very good size gummy sharks being caught on baits such as squid and pilchards. The best results have been at low water on both sides of the tide, as this is when the flow is not too fast. No doubt the fish are still around at high tide, but it takes a bit more work.

The area around The Snags is also well worth a visit and this area boasts of the biggest whiting that are to be caught inside the entrance. They have been caught in excess of 50cm and mixed in with them have been quality perch that have been caught on baits such as Bass yabbies, pipis and strips of pilchards. Fish in this area are dirty fighters when hooked up as they will head straight for the underwater furniture. If given a chance they will tangle up and there is little chance of freeing them and you will have to start all over again, but the rewards can make it all worthwhile.

Outside the entrance there are very good size whiting for those who know where to look. Dino Tiziani have been fishing the area all his fishing life and rarely misses out on a very enviable bag of whiting and says that Bass yabbies are among his favourite baits. Of course, for those who find it hard to get yabbies there are also alternative presentations such as whole pipis and strips of pipis.

A sort distance to the east is Shallow Inlet, which appears on the map as not much more than a splash but looks can be deceiving. This is nothing like Corner Inlet but really fights well above its weight and last month the fish were hungry. Andrew Starrett runs the local caravan park with wife Karen and they say that the whiting are in full swing where they are often caught up to the 50cm mark, which puts them well into the magical 2lb (1kg) mark. Bass yabbies, pipis and squid have been the most successful of the baits and as well as the royals there are very good numbers of silvers, flathead and gummy sharks making a visit to the area a good idea.

There is no constructed boat ramp at Shallow Inlet but the sand is generally firm where boats can be launched but local advice should be sought, as there are some soft patches that should be avoided. This was highlighted just last month where a visiting boater decided to launch off the sand. Unfortunately for him, he unwittingly chose a soft spot at low water and became bogged. Ignoring advice to ring for a tow truck he decided to dig his way out of trouble but it appears that the more he dug the deeper his vehicle became. Eventually, it was freed two days later and being completely under water, the damage was well and truly done.

The message here is loud and clear, that if you don’t know the area then ask for advice.

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