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  |  First Published: April 2015

With summer well and truly behind us now, unfortunately the fishing starts to wind down a little bit heading into the cooler weather. However, that’s not to say that the fishing is no good. The whiting reports have been a little bit patchy but there is still plenty of fish to be caught in key areas and the gummy shark fishing has been the best we have seen in years.


As I mentioned in the little intro there has been quite a number of gummies making their presence felt across the port and is typically a species that fish best when everything else seems to die down a little bit. The Bouchier and Boultons Channel are little gummy highways and those smaller fish have definitely started to show up. The run-out tide is a clear favourite and although you rarely see any huge fish here you will have some sessions where the action is really quite hot where you seem to winding in fish more often than not.

We did have a couple of ripper reports on gummies from the top end ranging from table size to as big as 99cm. Pilchard and chunks of yakka and salmon have been standout baits.

We are now in that time of year where the ugly old elephant fish starts to pop up in our reports. I’m sure that most anglers put these unique fish into the pest pile but I challenge you to get the whiting rods back out, chuck on half a pilchard and get stuck into them because they can be a lot of fun on light gear. You may as well enter your next session with this mindset because it can be hard to get away from them at times! The top end of the port isn’t typically a place spoken about to target them but there are loads of them on the mud banks around Grantville and Lang Lang and we have even had reports of them out from Warnett, so chances are you will come across one at some stage.

The calamari have been another species that have been a little bit patchy but most reports have been coming from either the Quail or Tyabb Banks. Artificial jigs in size 3.0 to 4.0 have been doing most of the damage.


It’s in the north arm of Western Port where the whiting fishing has been most consistent. Like always the Middle Spit has been unreal with many anglers still getting their bag of fish. It has been tough at times but with a little berley, plenty of short moves and a bit of patience the fish will come.

There has also been some really good size to the whiting getting caught, which can really make up for some of the slower sessions. We received reports through the store from Theo Hatzis who has been dominating fish ranging from 42-48cm on pipis and his secret has been sitting just off the Spit in 10m of water.

The charter boys have also been getting their bags from the Spit too, I was talking to Shaun Furtiere recently and he is still seeing fish to 45cm quite regularly. Mussels and pipis are his preferred bait and the start of the run-out tide has been the best time.

Hastings has been another consistent performer in the whiting stakes but has also had the added bonus of a few pinkies being mixed in with the whiting schools. The pinkies have been a little bit on the smaller side and can become quite ravenous, so go easy on the berley. You need just that little bit to keep the whiting and better pinkies around but if you go too hard with it you will be releasing under sized fish more often than not.

The whiting have been a pretty good size with the odd fish pushing 40cm but the averages say that most are sitting in the mid 30s. Pipi and mussel have again been the preferred baits.

I’m not going to lie to anyone, the closer we get to winter the tougher the fishing is going to get but it’s very important to remember that we aren’t there yet! There is still plenty of good fishing left, even if we need to work just that little bit harder. I would also be having a red hot crack at the gummies because, like I mentioned earlier, it has been a great season so far so make the most of it while you can!

Good luck and keep those reports coming.

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