Mega action in mild temperatures
  |  First Published: April 2015

Mildura anglers have been able to enjoy a fairly mild summer with the odd weekend temperatures rising above the 40°C mark. Grape harvest is coming to an end, which should bring some normality back to the river level. However, it won’t be until after Easter until Murray cod fishing will really fire up.

Air and water temperatures have been mild lately, which has been ideal for native fishing. Extreme heat will turn the cod off the bite at times and in turn lowers their survival rates when pulled out of the water. These are the conditions where anglers need to employ safe fish handling when catching and releasing.

Barometric pressures have been high for the most part of the past month, which has been great. However, fishing has been fairly average lately on lures, particularly for Murray cod in parts of the Murray River. The Darling River has been producing some very nice Murray cod with most being caught on cast spinnerbaits and large hardbodies. A few reports of cod caught on bait upstream of Mildura have also been made lately.

There have been a few reports of Murray cod to 80cm caught on trolled lures upstream. Quite a few frustrated anglers have even reported cod hitting lures of late but not ‘sticking’. This could be an indication that cod aren’t fully in the mood for feeding and are hitting lures in an aggressive predatory manner.

A few nice yellowbelly have been caught both on the cast and large trolled lures in most parts around Mildura lately, the biggest going well into the 50cm range, caught on a large lure.

Bait fishos are reporting good-sized and lots of shrimp in the river at present, which yellowbelly find very difficult to resist as an easy meal. Catches of catfish and silver perch being caught on worms around the Red Cliffs area have also been reported.

There are still plenty of European carp being caught on bait and even a couple reported caught on lures. Even though carp are an unwanted species, they can still provide some fishing fun when the natives are hiding, particularly with the kids on light spin gear in the shallows.

April usually provides the angler some relief from the intense sun and air temperatures usually experienced during summer. It is also the near start of a time when Murray cod start to move around into the shallows. Casting hardbodies and spinnerbaits into the timber will be the technique for success during April. Trolling will also still be successful for a while to come. With good numbers of shrimp in the system at present, bait fishing should also be quite productive.

Easter is a great time for fishing with the kids and catching some very nice Murray cod. Easter is also a great time of year to sit around a red gum fire after a good days’ fishing and enjoy being out in nature in one of the worlds’ greatest environments; the Murray river.

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