Perfect time to target trout
  |  First Published: April 2015

The upper and middle section of the river continue to develop into a fishery that will see it out to close season. In recent years its either been blown out with water or to warm. As it stands, it’s fishing very well for the little river that it is!

The upper sections from Woori Yallock to Reefton are still producing trout to all methods with spinning and fly fishing taking out the top honours. Small bladed spinner like Rooster Tails and Celtas fished in or near fast moving water will get results.

At this time of the year the trout will take up position in or near these areas of high water flow because of the extra oxygen they produce, the food they congregate and the cover they provide. These areas at this time of the year are prime.

Bait fishing in the deeper holes can produce trout although it might take longer to get a result.

Fly fishing in this area is an all-day affair at the moment. Fishing nymphs and indicators upstream during the day light hours will keep you busy while the late afternoon could produce a great beetle fall. Also look for termites and caddis as these two are also good local foods for the trout that will see them rising into the dark on most warm afternoons!

The middle section of the Yarra has slowed up just a little over the last month with carp and eels really becoming quite a pest for the bait fishos. If you’re into catching carp and eels, by all means get down to Wonga Park or Warrandyte in the early morning or late afternoon for some kid-friendly fun. These two fish will eat almost anything but the preferred baits are worms for the carp and yabbies for the eels, they love eating yabbies and as by-catch you might snag a Murray cod.

It won’t be long before trout close season is upon us and the river starts to run high and dirty again. So while you can, make the most of the good water conditions and get into the Yarra River where ever and whenever you can!

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