Balmy days, chilly nights
  |  First Published: July 2007

Cold nights and crystal-clear days are to be expected this month and during the day it can get up to 24°, which makes the great outdoors very bearable.

By the time you reading this, I hope I am in the thick of the hairtail action down the many tributaries of the Cowan Creek system. Please, oh, please, let this year be the year when these fish come back to these still waters and I don’t just sit there like a statue waiting for these enigmas to materialise.

School holidays are an important part of July and I know there are a lot of kids who spend every waking moment during the hols wetting a line. So let’s have a look where to go if you haven’t got a boat.

Public wharves such as those at Careel Bay, Taylors Point, Newport and Palm Beach (when the ferries have finished) are great hunting grounds due to their structure. Throwing out live nippers or bloodworms to the moored boats off the sand just south of Palm Beach wharf is very productive for bream after dark and as a bonus there’s an excellent fish-and-chip shop just behind, ready to fill empty tummies.

Snapper Point, in Pittwater, has bream and flathead on an incoming tide – use gang-hooked whitebait or soft plastics. Target the sand/weed areas with light tackle and invisible fluorocarbon leader.

Wading the flats at Church Point with diving lures will snare a lurking flattie and working fishy baits such as a half-pilchard off the rocks down around McCarrs Creek will find our Winter visitors – trevally – in numbers. ‘Trevors’ will keep in the zone as long as berley is used so take along a bucket of chook pellets and add a couple of tins of generic cat food with fish into the mash.

Every week on The Weather Channel on Fox, I conduct a fishing segment. It’s shown on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at noon, 2pm, 4pm and 7pm. If you have a good digital pic, email it to --e-mail address hidden-- for inclusion on the show.

Does it get any better than we have had recently? Seas flat as an ironing board and fish to boot. Plenty of bait in the water, especially slimy mackerel. If you get among these prize baitfish, take some for salting and freezing.

Working floating squid off East Reef Wide, two blokes in a Haines Hunter came back to Bayview ramp with a brace of morwong on ice. Des Jarmani and girlfriend Kate did a slow drift over the Narrabeen lizard grounds and put half a dozen sand flathead in the kill box.

Once again Michael Beck scored fish on Berkley Gulps off Newport. Bonito and yellowtail kingfish were the dominant species.


With the recent flat seas and a micro swell, the rock brigade has been doing well at all the recognised platforms. Tom Heathers did his luderick thing at Warriewood near the blowhole and was delighted with more than 20 fish and kept the pick of the bunch for dinner.

The beaches seem to be firing only at night and I think that’s due to the lack of froth and bubble. The good news is that bream are still very willing to take worms, pipis or whitebait when the sun drops over the western hills. Dee Why and North Curl Curl are showing a smattering of sand whiting, as are Collaroy, Warriewood and Whale.

Using small Slider grubs and working the wharves from Stokes Point south, Jeremy Sukamayo had a wild time on some honker bream. Using 2kg braid tied to 2kg fluorocarbon leader, Jeremy fired his plastic so it hit and bounced off structure, waited a while then jerked the artificial back with the rod tip.

Fishing off West Head, Lance Jansen took silver trevally and a heap of southern garfish. Lance also reports salmon are at the tip of Barrenjoey.

It’s worth taking some bait if you are going to hit Narrabeen Lake with lures. Some days, whitebait scores more fish than artificials and then on other days, plastics and hard minnows seem to win the race for action.

Don’t give up on that beach mulloway now that the weather is cooler. Jewfish don’t go into hibernation and have to feed every day. Get down to your favourite gutter on an 8pm to 11pm high tide with a large squid, mullet or slab of tailor or slimy mackerel. A tussle with one of these big freight trains will soon warm you up!

Monthly tip: More than a few anglers have told to fish up around the Northern Beaches are non-existent. “It’s been fished out for years,” they say and, “It’s not worth fishing any more”. How wrong are they?

There are heaps of fish on the rocks, beaches, in Pittwater and up the Hawkesbury. However, these fish are street-smart and just dangling a refrozen prawn will not catch anything. Catching your own bait is half-way to scoring a feed and the use of berley, light line and near weightless terminal tackle is the other half of the equation.

There’s a smorgasbord of natural food out there for fish so what we present must be a treat, something that will attract our very doubting quarry.

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