Bass going strong
  |  First Published: March 2015

With summer being almost non-existent, we have had mild fishing conditions for the most part. The trout have been a little slow but the bass reports have kept coming on strong.

Before I talk about the bass, an update on the Strzelecki streams is needed. For bass starters, Traralgon creek is still disappointing but there is a glimmer of hope as there seems to be good numbers of small baby trout in the headwaters of the western branch and high up in the eastern branch. This is a great sign for the years to come and maybe the creek might get a little better in the next few years.

I think it would still be good to give it a prop up with a small number a bigger browns. The other creeks around are faring better and rivers such as the Morwell River are producing moderate numbers of brown trout to 30cm in the upper reaches.

For the fly fishers, small dry flies are working well, however the humble Celta is doing pretty good too.

On the bass front, everyone now probably knows the fisheries have done some pretty hardcore bass stocking in Gippsland and we are now hearing captures in locations that we previously weren’t.

The upper reaches of most of our stocked streams are starting to see the first glimpses of bass. This has opened up a lot of new locations to target bass, including sections of rivers that are rocky and fast flowing.

The surface lure guys are still having a ball using Siglets and other cicada style poppers. Small walk-the-dog style stickbaits are also working well on the evenings when the weather is better. If we do get a stinking hot night, head out with the surface lures, you won’t be disappointed.

During other period of the day, use small hardbodies between 3-5cm and fish the deeper sections of our rivers. Places like the lower Macalister where it is snaggy and more discoloured are producing good amounts of bass using dark coloured vibes and the vibes can be particularly good on the colder days when the bass are sulking and are down deep.

Blue Rock has produced bass in the high 30cm range all summer and smaller spinnerbaits are great to cast into the snags and don’t forget about jig spinners as you can customise these and make your own spinnerbaits by attaching soft plastic lures to them.

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