Top end whiting a winner
  |  First Published: March 2015

It’s all about the King George whiting in Western Port at the moment and at the top end of the port is a whiting playground. The great thing about this month’s report is that the fish have not been confined to any particular area, which is making the options endless for any angler regardless of where they are launching.

The whiting are spread right throughout the top end and right the way down the North Arm, so get those nibble tips ready and go and dominate one of the best eating fish in the ocean!


We will kick off the reports over at Tooradin where the fishing has been insane! The whiting are insanely thick and there are some absolute stonkers amongst them as well. It is not typically known as a big fish area but it has done everything it can to try and change that trend. We have had plenty of reports of fish between 41 and 44cm with pipi and mussels being the best bait.

The depth of water hasn’t really been too crucial as there are fish right up high on the banks in as low as 1m of water to fish sitting just outside the channel in 14m of water. Another series of interesting reports has been the number of quality big flathead coming from just outside the Tooradin Channel. There is no real way to target these bigger flathead, it’s just a matter of dropping a paternoster rig to the bottom loaded with half pilchards or squid strips and hoping for the best. This method of fishing can be rather rewarding as you never know what might come across, pinkies, small gummies and flathead are all a big possibility.

A rather unusual capture of a big wobbegong shark was sent through to us from Crawfish Rock. They are not a fish that we see commonly but when we do see them they are often enormous in size and, from what I hear, are really good on the table.

There are still some really nice sized calamari up on the Quail Bank for those armed with size 3.0 to 3.5 sized jigs.

As we move further across the top end, the Tyabb Bank has really started to fire up as well. Some really big schools of whiting are holding up on a lot of the sand holes on the bank with fish to 44cm being a common capture.

The Tyabb Bank is one of my favourite places to fish for whiting as it is very active. Don’t hang around those sand patches for too long, if you don’t have a few fish in 15 to 20 minutes then wind in those baits and move to the next sand patch. It won’t be long until you find that magic hole and start filling the bucket with prime whiting for the table.

A few of the Tackle World Cranbourne boys have spent some time on the water with Paul Worestling’s father in-law, Greg Duncan, and had some out of control sessions on the whiting. Drummo and Kallan had a 90 whiting session recently while Dylan not only scored a handy bag of whiting but also ended up with a few calamari to round out the seafood banquet. Most whiting were taken on mussels while the calamari were taken on white squid jigs in size 3.0.


There are squillions of whiting in the North Arm and this is where the charter boats have been getting the majority of their whiting. Shaun Furtiere has spent a lot of hours patrolling the Middle Spit and rarely going home without a bag for each of his clients. Shaun reports that mussels have been his preferred bait, but has also been taking a lot of fish on pipi and fresh squid strips as well. Most fish have been between 36 and 38cm but bigger fish have been stretching the tape to 45cm.

The big difference for Shaun this month has been berley. Once picking off a couple of fish early at each spot he will drop the berley pot to the bottom and start berleying rather hard. The fish have been quick to move off making for very short and sharp bite sessions but with the addition of the berley it has made the difference in being able to keep them in your area and really extend that bite time.

Hastings continues to be the ever-reliable fishery in the top end of the Port and a lot of anglers have cashed in on her bounty. There are a lot of whiting schooled up in the deeper water here and often these ‘deep water’ whiting can be a good size class larger than those of the fish in the shallow water. There are also a lot of pinkies schooled up here as well and at times can be bit of a pest if you are trying to find some of those bigger whiting. The whiting have been pushing 43cm and pinkies are all around the 35-39cm mark, and 15m of water has been the magic depth.

I received a Facebook message through the shop from Neil Beckett recently to tell me about his mate Gary Fox who is only just getting into this past time that we love. They were fishing off Hastings and Gary hooked a cracker calamari in 6m of water on a silver whiting rigged under a float, well done Gary!

There we have it, another whiting stacked report! It has been, and continues to be, a crazy whiting season so there is no excuse to get out there and get a bag of these lovely fish. Good luck and keep the reports coming!

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