We’re gonna need a bigger net!s
  |  First Published: March 2015

Every now and then whilst on a fishing trip something very special happens and recently that's exactly what happened when I was fishing with my mate, Webby.

We decided to go to the banks around the Brankeet Arm in Bonnie Doon to chase some yellas. We initially hit a couple of trees that I had recently pulled a couple of nice ones off and as we arrived we noticed a tinnie trolling along as we started casting. Webby said that guy was on, so I turned and noticed his rod buckled over. He picked up his net then all of a sudden put it back down, I said to Webby that he must have dropped it.

We smashed the hell out of 3 sets of trees for the next half an hour with no joy what so ever, so it was time to move! As we were heading towards the tinnie, the bloke says he’s got a fish on again and he waved us down. We went over and the guy kindly asked if we could help him out because the fish he’d hooked wouldn’t fit in his net!

It was then that the fish breached and splashed right in front of us and I realised that this was a fish of a lifetime – I guessed this Murray cod was well over the meter mark! I jumped off my boat into his and we managed to secure the fish with lip grips and we slowly got towed into shore.

It was at that stage we shook hands and introduced ourselves, and as he told me his name was Chris Knox, he was shaking like a paint mixer! It was great to watch him going through the emotions of such a great catch and it was then that he told us he had been on since we pulled up at the first tree!

Chris said he was only running a 10lb leader and that’s why it took so long to land the fish. That’s some serious angling right there, because the massive cod was about 110cm and 75lb, the sort of fish dreams are made of and it was our pleasure to help Chris out.

Onto reports, the yellowbelly have been a little quiet of late, so let’s hope we get a surge in March, which isn't uncommon up here, especially since we had such a mild summer throughout January and February.

The reddies are still just teasing us with a few good catches of 20-30 fish being taken, but not the big lots we have been expecting. It's only a matter of time I'm sure, be patient and it will happen!

A few cracking browns have also been caught up near the mouth of the Delatite around the 4-6lb mark, and you gotta be happy with that this time of year!

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