Yarra steady as ever
  |  First Published: March 2015

The Yarra is in quite good condition at the moment, and while the water level may be a little low, optimum water temperature has kept the fish active and biting.

With prolonged stable water levels fish will spread far and wide in the river and it’s not uncommon to hear of native fish being caught as far as Warbuton. A local Warbuton angler was lucky enough to have caught a small Murray cod whilst fishing with worms from the bank just behind the town. As well as the odd native fish the township also boasts some great trout fishing. From a great hatch of caddis under the suspension bridge to casting bladed spinners behind the football over, ‘Warby’, has a lot to offer.

Drifting worms at this time of the year is very attractive for all species from trout to cod, to blackfish. You’ll even see redfin and golden perch turn up to eat a well presented bunch of worms. The rig used to fish is so simply it’s almost idiot proof. You get your mainline, tie on a size 6 or 4 hook, then crimp a small split shot 10cm above the hook and you’re done. Be prepared to lose a few of these rigs as you’ll need to cast them into and around some pretty gnarly snags, but hey, a few hooks and sinkers in exchange for some fish is a good deal if you ask me.

As for the middle reaches of the Yarra, Warrandyne has been playing the game, with reports of keener anglers fishing from kayaks and casting lures to structure to catch good cod and goldens. Fishing from here down to Templestowe should see you cross paths with some cod if you play your cards right, with spinnerbaits and diving hard bodies in dark colours such as brown, black, and purple proving the most productive.

If all that seems like too much hard work and you just want to sit back and take it easy on the kayak try drowning a worm or two. While you’ll catch the occasional cod soaking a worm, carp will definitely come to the fore as they’re in full swing this time of the year and will eat almost anything you throw at them. A bunch of worms, maggots, corn or even good old dough will catch you plenty of these pests, and provide you with plenty of fertiliser for the veggie patch.

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