Mixed bags in March
  |  First Published: March 2015

The fishing has been absolutely magnificent lately and should be set to continue as the weather and water temperatures cool down. Catches of bigger bream should be on the improve and there should be plenty of flathead and whiting available too.

I’ve managed to get out a bit lately and let me tell you, the system is alive and well. There’s heaps of live bait in the water flicking about and being chased by larger hungry predatory fish like mulloway, jacks, cod, flatties and anything else that can fit a livey in their mouth.

The banana prawns have arrived so make sure to pack the cast net as there is nothing better than a feed of fresh prawns. They usually congregate amongst the boats at Rudy Mass, north from Jacobs Well ramp, the mouth of the Logan River and the deep water off Macleay Island. That being said, just keep an eye out for all the boats in one area casting for prawns and that’s where they’ll be.

Where are they biting?

If you like to chase whiting then try around the Gold and Green Banks, Slipping Sands, Flat Rock, Browns Bay and the Junction in the River. Worms are the best baits to tempt these excellent table fish or you could try some yabbies squid, pipis or small peeled prawns. There have been some real big elbow slappers out there of late and the best I’ve seen this was 46cm. Big whiting love fast moving water as the water drops off the bank and brings the food to them and it is always a great idea to use a berley trail to attract the fish in.

There have been plenty of good flathead around taking 3-7” soft plastics in whites, pinks and lime, trolled hardbodied lures in the sandy shallows and pilchards, white bait, prawns and live mullet the pick of the bait. The sandy flats at the top of South Straddie always is a great spot to start, or you could try Cobby Passage, Kalinga Bank, Tipplers Island, the stockyards or the mouth of the Logan. The best time is the first of the run-out tide as they sit in wait for food to wash past. They can be caught at any stage of the tide but they seem to feed more aggressively as the tide turns and starts to run. I recently got a 70cm lizard in 2ft of dirty water trolling a trout coloured Pig Lure just on the start of the incoming tide. So next time you’re on a shallow sandy or weed bank, throw a lure out because trolling for flatties in the shallows definitely works.

Bream too are going to be heavily targeted all month and there is a lot of fishos getting into luring these great fighting fish. Using light 1-2kg braid on a matched flick stick of your choice around canal jetties, rocks and pylons is catching on and is an exciting way to target bream. Vibes, small poppers, hardbodies and small plastics are all working and be sure to put in a little extra effort as persistence pays and the rewards will speak for themselves. For the bait fishers, stick to all the usual bream haunts and fishing the last couple of hours of the run-in tide using a berley trail should produce some better quality fish.

There are plenty of mulloway about but mainly between the 60-70cm in length, which means they are undersized and need to be put back. They need to be over 75cm and have a bag limit of two. Live baits are working the best as usual but large banana prawns, pilchards or bonito fillets work well too. Try around the deep water off Swan Bay, Kalinga Bank, Short Island, Giants Grave and in the Logan near Marks or Pitts Rocks.

Some good muddies have been turning up from Redland Bay Channel, Lagoon Island and Mosquito Island. Sandies are being caught along the dropoffs of Main Channel, Canaipa Passage and Never Fail Islands.

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