Wet, windy and wild
  |  First Published: March 2015

Bundaberg has had a very windy and wet February with a very traditional wet season rolling through the region. March should see that wet season start to slow and we might actually get a chance to go out the front to do some offshore fishing.

The Burnett has still been fishing well and as long as it doesn't get too much fresh through it, the river should remain an angler’s paradise.

The grunter have been big and have been found in numbers throughout the river. Bait fishers have had some great success using fresh yabbies and fresh prawns, the lure anglers have been getting their fair share on plastics and vibes. The trick seems to be on the water without the crowds and fish deeper holes that have schools of bait in them.

I managed to pick up some grunter recently and the plastic I used was the new Gulp Nemesis it didn't really matter too much what the colour was but I do like more natural colours in deeper water. There isn't really too much to think about when fishing deep for grunter, just make sure your offering is on the bottom. I don't do too much with the plastic, in fact it really is just like bait fishing when using Gulp; just move it a little and wait for the weight of the fish then lift sharply and hang on.

When fishing plastics in these deeper holes you just never now what you’re going to catch with most species happy to eat a well presented plastic. Golden snapper, mangrove jack, flathead and trevally all live and hunt in these holes so don't be surprise if you come across any of these bad boys.

The Baffle

With a very big wet early in February the Baffle will run fresh in the upper reaches for months and this does set itself up for some great fishing next summer. I would probably not try to fish the upper reaches yet, as there will be jacks there but they will be spread far and wide.

Roger and Sally Ehrlich from Baffle Creek Caravan park reports the mouth has been starting to fish better with a surprising amount of mud crabs being hooked on bait while fishing for other species. The incoming tide with the influx of cleaner water has been the pick of the time to wet a line with a mixed bag of bream, whiting and flathead being brought back to the park for dinner.


There has been some nice whiting around Woodgate and even a few flathead poking about. The Burrum system has been fishing well and should keep doing so during March. Mangrove jack, salmon, grunter and barramundi all have been pretty regular captures. Theodolite Creek has been pricing a mixed bag with a few kayak anglers getting amongst jacks and bream as they paddle around at low tide.

As I write, there is a forecast for a lot of rain for our region and the Sunshine Coast, if this is the case fishing will be postponed for a while. The benefit of a good wet though is the fish get to move around and the river and creeks get a good flush.

As the areas start to freshen up again try fishing the mouths of our systems as the fish will congregate there waiting to move up as the salt starts to move back in.

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