Great fishing during small wet
  |  First Published: March 2015

The wet season has not been as big as we hoped and this will affect where the fish are.

There were plenty of golden snapper around in February and they should still be about in March. You will locate them on the rubble patches out the front. The fun starts when you are set up for them and a school of giant trevally turn up. I would recommend you only use one rod each as when all rods go off together you can end up with a tangle that will not come undone. My effort was no fish and no rigging left on any line as I was only using 20lb mono. Don’t say you were not warned!

In the river you will find barramundi and king salmon about with live bait the way to go. Bait has been hard to get as well so please only take what you need and don’t freeze the rest for dead bait as the next time you want live bait there may be none.

Any creek running into the river is prime and the place to put them is in the eddy created by this flow. Make sure you have enough weight on the sinker to hold the live bait in place, as they will end up snagging your line if you don’t.

Trolling will also work when the current is not strong. You will need to work your way up the system working over any good-looking structure for the best results. A good sounder is very helpful for this and I use a Lowrance with structure scan for great images.

Please check the weather reports before venturing up to make sure we are not cut off by floodwater and always bring water and shade, as it is warm and humid at this time of year.

Our local barramundi charter guide, Groover, who can be contacted on 0408 796 705, has a new 6m fibreglass boat and it is awesome. We took it out in less than friendly conditions and the ride was dry and soft. He had not put any fishing tackle in it so we were not able to do research but I was able to stand on the side and try all the seat positions to confirm the fact that anyone going with him will get a great ride to go with all the fish they catch.

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