Great action despite slow mackerel
  |  First Published: March 2015

This time last year, Spanish mackerel were chewing their heads off right along our part of the coast, but this year they have been a lot harder to find.

March, April and early May is still prime time to chase Spaniards, all we need is some half decent weather to get out and chase a few. Normally we start seeing a few fish and specimens in the 10-15kg bracket are commonly caught.

Although mackerel season hasn’t been as good as the previous two, there has still been some solid catches recorded by anglers prepared to put in the hard yards. As I mentioned earlier, it’s definitely worth targeting Spaniards in the next couple of months, they just won’t be jumping in the boat and you’ll have to work for them. And before anybody starts thinking doom and gloom because there’s not a many macs as last year, as far back as I can remember, we’ve always seemed to have a couple of very productive seasons followed by an average season or two. A few of the older mackerel pros I know always talk in 7-year cycles and they’re probably not too far wrong!

If dragging high-speeds for wahoo is your calling, the next couple of months usually sees fish over 20kg commonly landed in the Point Lookout area. Over the years on the charters we’ve landed several fish over 30kg and a couple over 40kg! These line-burners will definitely put your gear to the test, but they virtually burn out after their first couple of runs.

Wahoo are good tucker if bled and iced down immediately after capture, so if you are going to target the, make sure you have an icebox to put them in.

This month, east of the South Passage Bar, along with all the pelagics, there’s also enough to keep the bottom fishers interested. With plenty of bait still hanging around Shallow Tempest, having a floatline around the area will be worth a go for a mixed bag.

Out in the wider grounds of Deep tempest and the 42-fathom line to the south should see good numbers of squire, which aren’t too hard to find.

If we get some hot, steamy days through March, it will be worth having a crack around the Wave Rider Buoy off Point Lookout for a bull mahimahi or a wahoo.

Further south on the bottom and off the Cathedrals we’ve caught some quality snapper, which aren’t in huge numbers, but most of what you catch will be quality.

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