Barra season opening
  |  First Published: February 2015

We have had an awesome start to the wet season up here, and with the barramundi season opening it should be a great time to catch them. Please check road reports because we can be cut off for periods of time between Normanton and Karumba.

The freshwater pumping into the river and the run-off on the flood plains are the place to be and soft plastics will get the job done. The new Prawnstar has been killing them at the end of the last season so grab some and get up here to enjoy the fun. We can actually catch barramundi off the road when in flood and you have to be here to believe it. Live bait will also work for those willing to go the extra yards if that is what you like. Place the live bait in the backwater where the run-off is happening for the best results.

There should be more rain and it will create major dramas if you do not have either a self-draining hull or a bilge pump as we can get inches in a few hours. Knowing you have that covered then you will be able to get right up on the floodplain to fish. The drawback is to remember where the creek channel is so you don’t get stranded. I would recommend that you fish anywhere where the water swirls around as it enters the creeks; 18” of water is not too shallow as we caught a 1.17m barramundi doing just that.

Out the front, if the wind is not blowing, is a good place to catch king salmon as they will be moving around chasing the prawns – hence my suggestion to try the Prawnstar or equivalent. Live bait is again an option and we can get some metre-plus fish here so make sure your gear can survive some powerful runs. King Salmon have soft mouths so do not use much drag and remember to keep the line tight for the best results.

The mud crabs will be going off out the front as well so please bring some pots correctly labelled and have at least 10m of rope on them, as we get very big tides at this time of year. My suggestion is to tie the rope to something, but make sure that whatever you do is legal.

Our town boat ramp is being extended to 5 lanes but at the moment only 2 are open so be patient and you will have a good time.

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