Remember your Ps and Qs
  |  First Published: December 2014

Christmas is over and now the holiday crowds move in so we need to be on our game as far as safety goes. The crowds up here are ridiculous over January and things get quite congested at ramps and popular fishing spots. Tempers can get a little edgy so try to remember a little bit of common courtesy goes a long way, even if it's not reciprocated.

After what was a funny spring weather pattern with colder than average nights keeping the water temps a lot lower than usual, may well extend the yella season for a month or so. This is great news for holiday-makers throughout January and into February.

There have been plenty of quality yellas caught up around the top of the lake between Bonnie Doon and the Delatite Arm. They have been quite sporadic that's for sure, with a few guys who have fished it on a regular basis finding and catching good numbers. This is probably due largely to the fact that the fish have remained in the same areas in large schools for longer than they usually would in spring.

It's not often you just catch one yellowbelly when it's like this, you just have to find them, which can be very challenging. Lake Eildon is such a vast waterway, so a quality sounder is an absolute must up here, without one it is purely a guessing game.

Now that cod season is in full swing don't forget the new slot limit of 55-75cm. It's been well advertised and it will be enforced. It has been a great start to the season up here with good numbers of cod being caught all over the lake from 35cm right up over the 1m mark, which is great to see and lots in the 60-80cm region.

It's going to be a great summer on the natives and I will spend a great deal of time on the water searching for the elusive 1m green fish!


Generally throughout spring, the bottom of the lake fires but this year it has not, which could mean out of the box catches in January in the lower reaches and deeper sections – let's hope so anyway.

There has been an influx of juvenile cod near the dam wall, which may be the reason why the yellas haven't shown up in big numbers like they have consistently in the past. Who knows, it might be about to happen so it will be well worth a go that's for sure.

Fraser has been doing quite well lately with a few cod and yellas being caught mainly on StumpJumpers. Local, Jimmy Rogers, has been doing particularly well on purple and black colours trolling the edges.

It's starting to become quite hard to find the redfin for a feed, as they have become very scarce. I suppose we were spoilt for years with the ease of which they were caught and because they are such good eating, it's a real bummer! If you want to try for them then the most I’ve heard of have been caught deep in about 15-17m of water.

The Big River Arm has been doing quite well with solid numbers of natives being caught. An occasional trout has put on good condition of late, which is great after the slabby fish in late winter early spring.

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