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  |  First Published: December 2014

All reports have been hot and cold with some great catches one week then barely a fish taken the next!

There are some good hauls of whiting coming from most parts of the passage and all of its creek inflows from Ningi Creek north up to Bells Creek. They are the number one target for most anglers hitting the passage this time of year, without a doubt.

If you are targeting whiting, give yourself the best chance possible which is to get the best bait possible – live worms, or fresh pumped yabbies. Fish with super light tactics and go into your target zone nice and easy; slow and steady wins the race here as they can be spooked very easily. This means no rattling anchor chains over the side of your vessels hull – if I had $1 for every time I have seen this happen I would be a very rich man – and no thumping around on the floor of your vessel. All these sounds travel along way under water alarming fish of your presence and chasing them for miles.

There’s been some nice flathead around in scattered patches. If you find a couple of these guys, chances are you will find more closeby, as they love to hang in numbers. Sizes have ranged from 30-60cm and all are great fun on light gear and 3-4” plastics, colour doesn’t seem to make a lot of difference. Gulps perform really well, along with Atomic Plazos and Z-Mans.

The deeper sections and holes in most creeks have been holding fish, and the mouth of Caboolture River is producing results as well.

If jacks are your cuppa tea there’s been a few popping up and pulling line with sizes ranging from 45cm up to the high 50cm+. Targeting them can take a lot of time and patience, but when you come up tight, it’s all worth it. Target any snag big or small and target it hard. Your canal systems are great with most pontoons, pylons, rock/concrete walls and boats holding fish at some stage of the tide.

Pelican Waters and Pacific Harbour are both great areas to have a flick.

If sinking live bait is your thing, any of the bridge pylons hold fish or try hitting the mangrove fringes of the creeks. Bullock, Glassy and Coochin Creeks are great targets.

Bream and grunter bream have been widely present for anyone using fresh slabbed baits. Poverty Creek, the mouth of Hidden Creek and the northern arm of Toneys gutter have been producing constant results.

My tip for the month is more time on the water then the more consistent your results will be. Get out and have a crack!

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