Jaw dropping jewies
  |  First Published: December 2014

The road into Stanage Bay is extremely good, however the rain has started, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what it will look like in the next few weeks.

reef and the estuary

Most of the fishers coming to the bay are focusing on muddies and jewfish, which have been on the chew since the beginning of the month. This has given the reef to have a rest and recharge.

Some colossal sized jewies have been

There’s still a lot of empty muddies, and it’s best to throw these ones back and wait for some full ones. To find out whether your muddies are empty of full, feel beside the flap of under the claws on the carapace (body) of the muddy for hardness. If the shell is firm with no give, then the muddy should be super full.

The Bait

Please do yourself and me a favour and don’t bring your own bait to Stanage. Stanage Bay Marine & Accommodation buys all type of bait in bulk. I sell in smaller amounts as well as bulk amounts and can match any advertised or written quote prices you can throw at me. Come on people, fair’s fair. By doing this, you can keep Stanage Bay Marine & Accommodation in business for yourself and others, for now and the future, which is in your hands. 

Remember the fishing reports are on www.fishingmonthly.com . For any queries on Stanage Bay’s fishing, visit www.stanagebay.com or phone me on (07) 4937 3145.

Until next time, tight lines!

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