The Bimini Twist
  |  First Published: December 2014

The bimini twist creates a 'double line' at the end of the angler's main line. It is generally accepted that the bimini will provide a knot with 90-95% of the original line strength of the main line.

One of the most popular applications of double line is to create a stronger knot connection to a leader where you might tie a knot like an Albright. The bimini is good for both braid and mono-type mainlines.


Double the line over about an arm span in length and do 12 twists.


Put both feet and both knees inside the double’s loop – and hold the 12 twists above your knees; now move the knees apart and force each leg of the loop apart and hold the tag end angled downwards so that you spin the tag end down spiralling downwards over the first 12 twists as you widen your legs.


Once you get the tag end spiralled all the way down to the end of the ‘knot’ thus far, place your finger tip(s) on the bottom of the twists to hold\clamp the twists in place. Then ‘throw’ a half hitch around one leg of the double line.


Next do a half hitch around the other leg of the double.


Now half hitch both legs together.


Finally do a triple inside loop hitch.


Pull the knot snug and trim the tag end.

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