Fishing like they should be
  |  First Published: December 2014

It’s safe to say the trout season this year is much better than last year and anglers are taking advantage of the mass amount of trout around the area.

The Macalister River is what everyone is talking about at the moment and there have been great numbers of brown trout caught to 35cm over the past month.

Last month worms were accounting for 90% of the fish but now we are seeing plenty of trout caught on lures such as Celtas, Tassie Devils and Rooster Tails.

Good amounts of trout are coming from all along the Mac from below and above Licola.

The Wellington River is fishing fantastic with plenty of trout to 30cm being caught on lure and fly.

The Thomson River is another river that has come back to what it was like a few years ago and many anglers are catching up to half a dozen small brown trout at a time using unweighted worms or lures such as Celtas and Tassies. Locations such as the Walhalla Bridge and Bruntons Bridge are producing a lot of the fish.

Lastly, the small northern streams such as the Tanjil River are fishing really well this season with mixed rainbow and brown trout to 35cm being caught on small hardbodies and soft plastic lures. This little stream and its tributaries didn’t fish very well last year so it’s great to see trout numbers back similar to what they were 3 years ago. It’s not that easy though, anglers are putting in a fair effort to get the rewards and are walking big distances and covering a lot of water to catch them. If you put the work in, you will get the rewards.

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