Late spring trout and bass action
  |  First Published: December 2014

This month the fishing really heats up for both stream and lake anglers in the region.

The streams of West and South Gippsland will start firing up with late spring insect hatchings, which will excite stream trout and fly anglers alike.

Blue Rock Lake is fast becoming a bass hotspot for sport anglers and with insect hatchings and warmer waters exciting baitfish to the surface, there’ll no doubt be some hot bass surface action over the coming months.

The streams around the Noojee District have been fishing well with small stream brown trout to 300g keeping both fly, lure and bait anglers happy. While the fish aren’t big they are very healthy, beautiful body condition and a lot of fun to catch and release on light gear. There is the odd smaller rainbow trout swimming about, which always makes for a nice change adding to the excitement of wading or strolling the banks of the magnificent streams and backdrops that this region has to offer.

Loch River is still flowing a bit dirty but it should start to clear up nicely over the coming month, providing there are no late season downpours. This stream is well vegetated on both banks so is best tackled by wading upstream casting in to the many pools and runs where brown trout are feeding. Beaded nymphs work best this time of the year and as the water flow starts to slow down, fish the evenings with dry flies matching the hatches.

Toorongo River is flowing well as usual. The pick of all the streams, the Toorongo meanders through farmland with a bush backdrop, so even if the fish aren’t biting on the day you can bet it’s been an enjoyable day out. Brown trout here are a bit bigger than those in the Loch River and there are plenty of rainbows swimming about as well. What makes this stream such a great spot is the number of trout feeding zones, which will get any angler excited as they make their way up or downstream. Lure anglers can have a lot of fun too. Soft plastic wriggler-tail grubs and small floating minnow hardbodies are dynamite on actively feeding trout.

Blue Rock Lake is fishing well for bass with many fish now being caught and released around the 25-30cm mark. Bass are being targeted with a variety of methods. Casting 3-6cm surface poppers at the banks and structure on a calm day up the Tanjil Arm has been successful, so has casting spinnerbaits, shallow-bibbed hardbodied minnows and soft plastics. Surface lures will be fishing well when bass are feeding up at the surface on insects, baitfish and shrimps.

When the weather isn’t as inviting, bait fishing with scrub and garden worms has been working well. When you find the school, jigging with soft plastics or hardbodied jigs work a treat. Finding the fish can be hard but if you are prepared to move around or cast a lot, then you can expect to have some bass fishing fun.

Redfin and carp action on the lake will start to heat up this month and can be a lot of fun for the kids and those who are kids at heart. While carp are traditionally caught on worms or corn kernels, anglers can have a lot of fun catching carp on soft plastics and hardbodied lures. As the carp begin schooling during their breeding season, they can be quite aggressive to lures cast into the school. This can be a lot of fun on light gear!

Redfin can be best targeted with lures such as spinner blades and hardbodied minnow lures and will be a by-catch for anglers targeting bass.

A reminder also that the blackfish season is still closed until 31 December.

Feel free to send me any reports or pictures you have and I can put them in the mag for you.

Happy fishing!

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