Gippy’s tricky trout
  |  First Published: November 2014

Finally, trout opening is here and everyone seemed to get out to test the waters to see if the trout were going to behave this year. The good news is some of the rivers showed a lot of promise.

The main river to get most of the attention was the Macalister River. If you spoke to a lure or fly fisher they would probably tell you that trout opening in this neck of the woods was a write-off, but in fact anglers using worms as bait did really well and a stack of brown trout were between lake Glenmaggie and Licola. They were all brown trout and there were some real rippers caught up to 40cm in length. The river looks good and once it warms up I would imagine that the lures and flies should start working a treat again. We have already had some good flying ant falls with some hot nights, which should get the trout going on the dry fly.

The Tyers River was another creek that got well fished and I had mixed reports from some anglers only catching one fish to others catching half a dozen. Most of the trout caught were under 30cm and were caught on spinners such as Celtas, Mepps and Vibraxe. Small hardbodies and soft plastics are worth a shot here as well.

The lower Tanjil River only produced a handful of small brown trout, however, the upper section above Blue Rock Lake produced more fish than last season, but anglers certainly put in the effort, bush bashing their way through sections that hadn’t been fished hard as there were plenty of anglers and campers around. The best fish I heard of was caught by Mick Gned, who caught whopping 2.5lb brown trout in the upper Tanjil on a soft plastic, which is probably one of the biggest trout I’ve heard of coming from this area.

The Traralgon was very disappointing once again. There is a tonne of food, I saw nymphs everywhere and schools of minnows or mosquito fish present in good numbers but I did not see a trout anywhere. I had the same feedback from other anglers I spoke to as well. A couple of my mates managed to find two small brownies up high after about 5km of walking. So there is a couple of trout here, but the numbers are way, way down on what they were back in 2011.

Merrimans Creek was a lot more promising, fly fisher Brandon Morley caught some lovely brown trout on bead head nymphs and spooked a few more as well so that’s a good sign.

On the bass front, there have still been good numbers of bass caught out of Blue Rock from the bank but only on worms early in the morning and evenings. Most of the fish are under 27cm. Lake Glenmaggie has produced some monster-sized bass over winter by anglers using worms fished just before dark and it seems there’s plenty of bass in this lake in the high 30cm mark.

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